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About Domain Hosting Checker

Sometimes, getting complete information about your competitor's website becomes crucial to improve your website’s optimisation and getting a better ranking in the search results. It may sound difficult, but it is super easy to do with our powerful domain hosting checker tool.

We are Introducing to you our free-of-cost tool that you can use to fetch precise information related to your competitor’s website, such as the owner details, registration dates, last modifications, expiry date, and more, in just a matter of seconds!

Here’s some more information that will help you to understand the function of our domain checker tool.

About Domain Hosting Checker?

Domain Hosting checker is a lookup tool that allows you to fetch crucial data about your competitor’s domain and website, which you can use to analyse their strength, weaknesses etc., to get a better edge over them.

It provides insightful reports with every detail related to the domain service on your competitor's website, completely free of cost! Sounds amazing, right? But Its features are more amazing, which you will realise while using it. And for now, let’s jump into the next section, where we will discuss its importance.

Why use a Domain Hosting Checker?

To understand the importance of domain, let's imagine a situation where your competitors have a better ranking in the search results, and you want to surpass them to get your website ranked top on results.

In that case, you will have to analyse your competitor's strengths and weaknesses in detail to understand the reasons causing their website rankings at the top in search results!

But you may argue how? Well, its features will answer this question mentioned in the next section below. 

Features of Domain Hosting Checker

Domain hosting checker tool is very popular, especially among SEO experts, all because of the powerful features that come with it. Here are some of them mentioned below:

DNS details:This tool helps you get the details of your competitors' DNS provider to verify and fix the aspects your website lacks! So that you can ensure you are using the right technologies to host your website.

Server details:  You can also fetch the server details to check which web hosting service your competitor is using and whether your website is hosted on the right service or not because better hosting performance plays a vital role in enhancing your website’s rankings.

Domain Health:The most interesting aspect of the domain hosting checker tool is that it allows you to analyse the information related to your competitor’s domain health by analysing the domain authorities, expiry dates, renewal dates etc. 

SEO auditing:if you are from the SEO field, you might already know its importance in auditing. Even though it is not enough to complete for complete auditing, it plays a vital role by providing you with domain authority-related information.

How to Use a Domain Hosting By GoogieHost?

You can easily use our domain hosting checker tools by following the below-mentioned steps carefully:

  1. Copy your competitor's website URL 

  2. Visit to GoogieHost website.

  3. Scroll down to the footer and search for the domain hosting checker tool. 

  4. Click on the tool. 

  5. Paste your website URL in the “ Enter URL section ” 

  6. Get an insightful report with detailed information. 

If you follow all the steps mentioned carefully, you can easily analyse the complete details related to your competitor’s website without paying a single penny!


What is Domain Hosting?

Domain hosting is a service which provides a unique identity or address to your website so that your audience can easily query your website on the browser, and the search engine can provide them with relevant results.

How do I find the host date of a website?

You can easily use our domain hosting checker tool to get information about the host dates of your competitor’s website. Its features provide multiple details related to the domain and the nameservers that you can use to check the host dates. 

How do you find the date and author of a website?

When you enter the URL of a particular website to analyse its details, you get an insightful report consisting of all the information related to the registration dates, expiry dates and even about the author or the owner of the website.