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About Find DNS records

So have hosted your website recently and want to check whether it is live on the internet or not? If yes, then you are in the best place possible!! Because for your convenience, we have designed and created a free of cost to that will help you to check the status of your nameservers.

In addition to that, you can also check its country-specific availability, for example, if you want to ensure that your website is properly working in America, Europe, Russia or any part of the World, then this tool will be the best option for you!!

About GoogieHost's Find DNS Record

We also used to host thousands of websites daily free of cost, making your dream of online presence come true!! But we have realised that users get confused when it comes to monitoring the nameserver’s status.

That’s why we decided to come up with tools that are capable enough to ensure you can easily monitor your nameserver’s status without even knowing any technical knowledge or expertise.

But what is a DNS checker tool, and how will it be useful for a user who has just hosted its website? Well, for that, we will have to jump onto the next section. So without any further delay, let’s quickly glance at the agenda!! 

What is Find DNS Record?

Find DNS record is a simple and free-of-cost tool developed by our team to provide you with a facility to check your or your competitor's domain status easily, authority quality or even the locations at which it currently live.

And one more interesting aspect is that you can verify whether your website has been successfully migrated or not, plus the location on which your website is live and working without facing any issues. 

How can I use the GoogieHost's  Find DNS Record?

So that was all!! But how to use it? No need to worry about it because here in this section we have mentioned a quick guide through which will easily be able to use our tool and fetch the details related to any particular domain.

  • Copy the entire domain name of which you want to find out the information.

  • Visit to the GoogieHost website.

  • Search for Find DNS Record tool at the search bar. 

  • Paste the domain name of the website you have copied.

Why do we use the GoogieHost's Find DNS Record?

To answer this question we will discuss our goals while creating this tool and especially what led us the creation of find DNS record tool.

Recently we got tons of emails of our user with the same problem that they are not able to verify the locations at which their website is properly working. Hence we decided to create a tool for your convenience with the following goals:

  • Must be fast and quick 

  • Easy to use 

  • Maximum accuracy 

  • Free of cost

  • Safe to use 

So these are some good reason due to which you can consider our tool to use. 


Is GoogieHost's  “Find DNS Record tool” safe?


Our team has focused especially on creating with as much security features as possible to ensure that there is no data leak of the domain you are checking about.

Is GoogieHost's  “Find DNS Record tool” free?


Our Find DNS tool is completely free of cost to use with an assurance of no additional or hidden charges.

What is new in GoogieHost Find DNS Record?

Our tool is completely free of cost, plus we have also ensured that its algorithms must be straightforward, making it fast and quick.

 Final Words

When it comes to web hosting, sometimes, you may not as smooth an experience as you have expected because very common to make mistakes while updating the nameservers.

That’s we provided you with this tool to ensure you can easily check whether your domain’s nameservers are properly working or not.