How to Install a Free SSL Certificate ?


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How to Install a Free SSL Certificate?

GoogieHost is providing a free SSL Certificate with your hosting. So, how to install SSL and get it working?

Follow these steps to install it successfully:

  • Log into your “Client Area” via

  • Click on DirectAdmin. You will find it in the right corner, under “One Click Login”.

  • Click on “SSL Certificate”

  • Select “Get automatic certificate from ACME provider”

  • You’ll be directed to a new page where you will have to change the setting to ‘default’

  • Under ‘Certificate Entry’, Choose the domains one which you want the SSL working on (you can choose all or any number you want, as per your choice)

  • Click “save”

Anddd! You will be able to install SSL successfully, and you will know that when a notification with “Certificate and Key Saved” written on it will pop up.

Note: Also, at the end of the page where you chose domains, you’ll see an option of “Force SSL https redirect”. You will have to tick on that and Save.

After all of this is done, your process of free SSL Certificate will be successfully installed!

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