How to use Google SMTP Server to send emails?

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How to use Google SMTP Server to send emails?

Web hosting companies offer email service for free of charge, but it packaged with advanced issues. Average customers would not bother with the in-built glitches and power lacking features. There are premium services offered by the web hosting companies to cover up the flaws.

Google SMTP Server is an unparallel service that millions of people in the field are not aware of it. The newbies can use Gmail as SMTP to send email to clients, followers, readers, or the audience.

We are going to take the readers through detailed information on Google SMTP Server.

Benefits of Using External SMTP Service

Why would someone give up on the VPS based email server to free SMTP server and it makes sense to me. Running a few SMTP commands is an easier task for a professional in the field. Allow us to give the readers reasons to go for Google SMTP Server.

  • Setting up a Google SMTP Server is an easier task compared to the VPS server version. Oh yes, it is no secret that a newbie would likely to struggle setting up a VPS based email service.
  • As an email user, I want to send or receive on-time, and I don’t accept delays in sending or receiving an email. VPS based free SMTP server does take longer to send an email to the recipients. Google Mail is extremely popular for sending an email in an instant. In short, email deliverability in Google Email is higher than a regular VPS service.
  • Email ID’s coming from a reputed company like Google likely to land in the spam folder. You might have noticed that some of the reputed company’s emails dropped in the spam folder. Blacklisting an email is no surprise in this generation, and the number of spammers has increased over the years. The SMTP Gmail is less likely to brand it as a spam email.
  • User-experience improves while using Google SMTP Server. According to an expert in email marketing that new domain extension emails likely to get avoided by the audience. CTR significantly improves as it is coming from a fellow Google Mail user.

I have listed a few factual benefits of Google SMTP Server.

Free Google SMTP Sending Limits

Google SMTP Server is a free SMTP server with certain limits added to it. The search engine giant does not like to control the audience requirements. The company implies several policies and rules to deal with a spamming. Google Mail does not allow outgoing emails more than 100 emails per day. The limit resets per account within 24-hours of a period of the last sent email.

Keeping the limit in mind, it isn’t a bad service at all as the company willing to add value to the sender & recipient. One hundred emails will be delivered within one-minute of period and emails are delivered to the inbox.

Setting up Google SMTP Server from Scratch

Now, we are going to take the readers through a step-by-step process. Do not avoid a single step because you might have to start all over again.

#1 Google SMTP Server

Gmail has IMAP protocol function, which is a powerful option for outgoing services as it is directly connected to the main function. The official IMAP protocol is accessible from dashboard, so log in to the respective email account.

  • You can find the Gear Icon located at the right corner and then click on Settings.

  • smtp

  • In Settings, you can find several options, but click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP to more options.

  • smtp server

  • Click on Enable IMAP and then click on Save Changes to finalize the settings.

  • smtp server

The Google Account users must turn on Less Secure Apps to make sure that third-party apps can function normally.

Remember, you have to keep track of it, or else you might end up losing the account. Kindly, do not proceed until or unless you know what you are doing with Google Account.

#2 Integration using WP Mail SMTP Plugin

WordPress is a major content management system widely used by millions of people around the world. We are going to integrate the SMTP server on a WP site. You can recruit a freelancer PHP developer to set-up the Google SMTP server on an HTML based site.

  • Download the WP plugin from the official site and activate it on the site.

  • smtp integration

  • Go to installed plugins, and click on settings to proceed.

  • smtp integration

  • Now, you have to provide Client ID, Client Secret, and Authentication URL.

  • smtp integration

Do not worry about the details because we are going to cover it as well. The WP Mail SMTP plugin worries about user’s security as well, so they have developed the idea to create secure connections to add it.

#3 Creating OAuth for free STMP Server

A quick peek at the tutorial is intimidating at first glance because it isn’t a complicated process at all. It might intimidate the readers at first, but if you repeat the process a couple of time, then you can set-up an outgoing mail server SMTP in a few clicks.

  • Go to Google Console. I have never created a new project in the console using this account, so the contents on the screen will be similar to ours.

  • google console

  • Now, click on the drop-down button, and then select create a new project.

  • create a new project

  • The next page has Go To Credentials click on it to proceed.

  • credential

  • Select, Gmail API, choose user data and then click on What credentials do I need? to proceed.

  • credentials

  • The next pop-up has two options and click on Set-up Consent Screen to proceed

  • smtp

  • Now, give the project a name, upload a PNG format image. Scroll down for more options, and you have to fill it up with correct information.

  • credentials

  • Add correct domain URL with HTTP or HTTPS.

  • credentials

  • Click on the drop-down menu for more options and select OAuth Client ID.
  • OAuth Client ID

  • Create a new OAuth Client ID and select the application type as Web Application. Enter the domain URL of the site including HTTP and HTTPS and click on create to proceed.

  • OAuth Client ID

  • The Client ID and Client Secret shows up on the screen.

  • client ID

Now, copy & paste the credentials in the WordPress site.


The entire Google SMTP Server project might take a few minutes to implement for a new individual. In the Google Console, make sure to enter the URL with HTTP or HTTPS protocol.

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