Fair Usage Limits for Free Hosting

Fair Usage Limits

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Fair Usage Limits for Free Hosting

Do web hosting companies provide Unlimited Hosting / Bandwidth ?

The short answer is “NO”. No company can afford to provide unlimited hosting to its customers. Providing unlimited hosting needs unlimited servers, bandwidth, electricity, and many more unlimited resource needs, which is practically not possible to provide to customers for cheap prices like $5 per month or even free.

You will find unlimited bandwidth in all the hosting providers' website, Actually it is not unlimited.

So how much is actually allowed ?

It depends on each provider. Yes some allow few GB, some providers allow more. Hosting companies generally limit the user from using unlimited hosting and it can be done in many ways and some of them are:

  • Limit the CPU usage
  • Limit the INODE limit
  • Limit the IO limit (Disk read / write usage)
  • Fair usage policy
  • Storage usage policy (You can not store files which are not necessary for the website)
  • and many other ways…

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