What does the CPU limit mean?

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What does the CPU limit mean?

CPU Limit is a function which limits cPanel users from using server resources or CPU power to execute various task.

It indicates how much CPU power your website is using from the server.

Why is my CPU usage so high?

These are some common reasons to reach CPU limit:

  • So many visitor but purchased small plan.
  • Installed so many plugins that occupy cpu resources.
  • Running multiple addon domain in single cpanel.

How do I reduce my CPU limit?

There are several ways to decrease the CPU limit:

  • Load images and static files from CDN.
  • Host large files on any file sharing website and post only links of those inyour website.
  • Optimize database in regular basis, repair it if require from cPanel. You can perform these actions via the cPanel > phpMyAdmin section.

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