How to add .htaccess rules?

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How to add .htaccess rules?

.htaccess, meaning Hypertext Access, is a configuration file used by web servers with the apache software.

The server's basic settings are configured in configuration files in this situation. This means that the server can be made to behave a certain way by using the .htaccess file.

Every function simply consists of a single line of code that instructs the server what to do. The code in the .htaccess file can be modified or added in order to add or remove functionality.

Also, with .htaccess, you have a wide range of options for using it. For instance, you may use it to Password-protect your website, make a personalised error page or send visitors to a different page.

Let’s know the steps of create and edit .htaccess files by logging into your Client Area of DirectAdmin (here):

  • Log in to your Client Area via

  • Click on Directadmin. You will find it in the right corner, under “One Click Login”.

  • You’ll be directed to the DirectAdmin control panel.

  • Click on “File Manager”

  • As soon as you click File Manager, you will see various folders. You will have to go to the “public_html” folder.

  • You’ll have to create the .htaccess file, by entering it in the text field. Then you will have to click on “Create.”

  • Right-click on the .htaccess file and click “edit.”

  • Input the rules and Save.

You will successfully edit and create a .htaccess file by DirectAdmin!

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