My account was suspended / terminated for no reason!

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My account was suspended/terminated for no reason

In the first place, this is not possible under GoogieHost. If you have filled in the correct information and followed the steps correctly while filling out genuine information, there’s nothing that can get your hosting to suspend or terminate.

And for a double-check, consider re-checking the email ID you filled in while signing up for further clarification.

Reasons for Account Termination

Here are some possible reasons that may cause account termination:

The pleasure of your hosting with our services is all ours. At GoogieHost, we strictly enforce policies against spam, server abuse, and other unethical behaviour. Our expert staff carefully reviews your control panel accounts and actions prior to suspending or terminating your account. Once it is determined that you or your website is engaged in such activities, we will be forced to terminate the account.

Due to our limited support, it's possible that you won't receive any additional warnings because of most of the time. We don't want our server to be used for anything unlawful at any point in time.

If you already have an account with GoogieHost, you will not be permitted to open another one. We work hard and are devoted to providing the Best Class Free Web Hosting to those who truly need it and maintaining the quality.

Note: If you believe that your account was accidentally closed, you can choose to open a support ticket as well and clear all your remaining doubts.

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