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Meta Tags Analyzer

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About Meta Tags Analyzer

About Meta Tags Analyzer

Hello, developers out there. This article will help you understand the following topics simultaneously and suggest some tips regarding Meta tags analyzer tools

SEO as being a hot topic in today's web development industry. And why there's no one left who doesn't want to improve their SERP's ranking in Google and have traffic on it. So that's why the demand for SEO developers is rapidly increasing day by day, and every day a new company of such developers rises.

There are a variety of elements in SEO optimization and meta tags are one of them.

What are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are a short piece of text that defines a page's content, and they appear on the page source code rather than the page itself in the form of HTML code.

They work in the shadows of a website page to export the information about the content uploaded on that website to search engine crawlers, and this information is called metadata.

If one wants to find out whether a page consists of meta tags or not, then follow two steps:

● Right-click anywhere on the page

● Select view page source

"Meta tag image on Google page"

A new tab/popup window will open in respective search engines. Then there you go, see the head of the page. That's where the meta tags are.

About meta tags analyzer tool?

Meta tags analyzer tool is an on-page SEO-based tool that SEO developers use to engage traffic to rank their clients' websites on the top of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

This tool helps you to analyze your meta labels

and your competitors website meta labels including title, description, keywords from inside out by just pasting an URL in the tool so that you can get a glimpse of how to write title, description, keywords and can coop up with your competitor's sites and can rank first on search engines.

There are many online Meta analyzer tools available today as one can quickly get confused about who is better? , Who can provide me with better results? Do not worry about it. This kind of situation comes a lot to new web developers, and here I suggest you check the Googiehost meta tag checker tool. It's a free meta analyzer tool developed by our team at Googiehost and is up to the mark and provides better results than any other website. one must try this out.

Benefits of our free meta analyzer

As an SEO element, meta tags effectively rank one's website on a widely used Google search engine or any other search engine. To find those meta tags, meta analyzer tools play an essential role in it, and here GoogieHost meta tag checker tool comes into the picture. It's not wrong to consider GoogieHost as a trusted site and dominating in the market for the past few years.

GoogieHost meta tag analyzer provides:

Metadata integration and optimization mainly focus on the two key factors regarding Meta tags:

  • Title tag(getting the page to rank)
  • Description (getting the click)

● Image Alt tag optimization:

 Most of the time users get attracted to your site by looking at the image and quality of it uses alt tag for images and inserts the right keywords for making the content presentable.

● In-depth keyword research:

It helps in finding the most appropriate keyword which seems similar to your content.

● Google analytics :

Keeps you updated with every detail of your site like traffic, time, visitors, likes, comments, etc.

● Heading optimization :

A heading is the most important factor of any content .while doing SEO it finds out the suitable heading for your content.

Tips for improving your meta tags

For getting better results, one must keep these things about meta tags in his/her mind while writing these tags in HTML code, as I have already mentioned in the above topics that titles usually work on behind the scenes of a web page.

●    Integrate your keywords into your tags :

Keywords are considered an essential feature of free SEO tools. As Google sometimes depends on keywords to determine where your site appears in search results, and if you want to get a high rank on Google's search engine, you must develop an appropriate keyword and use it in your meta tags.

When you go for keywords, always look for long-tailed keywords containing three or more keywords. Like

"Free meta tags analyzer tool."

If you find any difficulty searching for a relevant keyword according to your content, use googiehost free meta tag checker tool. It comes up with a variety of keywords to help your site to achieve the target.

●    Follow the character limit :

Sometimes by writing long-tailed tags creates issues in a way where users are enabled to understand it. If your tags are too long, then there is a possibility that Google can drop out your content.

So to be on a safe road, you have to ensure that your tags must be within character limits and try to produce high-quality labels.

Here's the limit you all have to follow for each tag

●     Alt tag: 125 character

●     Meta description : 155 character

●     Title tag: 60 character


●    Make your tag enticing and descriptive :

Want to grab people's attention so that they can check out your pages daily. For that, you have to show creativeness in your tags.

If you don't have enticing and descriptive tags, your chances of creating high traffic on your page are low. Make sure your titles must be descriptive.

For title tags, you can use attractive words, like "free" or"cheap." Always include your keywords at the beginning of your page to show crawlers and people your page is relevant to their search. If you are uploading an image on your page, give a short description of it using powerful keywords.

Why use should GoogieHost Free Meta Tag Checker?

So here in a few points, I will explain that why you should use GoogieHost Free Meta Checker.

● It's free of cost.

● User friendly.

● Analyze the tags title, keyword, description of others websites, and suggest how you can improve your meta tags.

● It Follows the simple steps by providing a text box where you can paste your or your rival's website domain name, whose title, description, the keyword you want to know.

● Analyze the corners of your site and show errors in keywords then suggest you go with a better one.

● It shows in percentage how much your meta tags describe your content. And shows how many times they got used.

● Comes up with the feature of robot.txt optimization


The competition between web developers for the prime rank on  Google is taking place at a high speed. In this time one must have to be smart enough. And that smartness will come when you will work with the smartest analyzer tool.  In my point of view that one is a GoogieHost Free Meta tag checker by Googiehost as it has a quality of quick response. So I suggest you all try this one out.

It has been said that on-page SEO tags have been useless, but from my perspective, there are some tags that play a crucial role in improving SERP's ranking in Google. Those are Title, H1, other heading tags, Meta description tags, context, long-tailed keywords, link building which bring more traffic to one's page.

Every developer has to be aware of duplicate Meta description tags, these meta descriptions are the words that are identical and appear on the same page .but by using the Googiehost Meta tag checker you can overcome this error very easily. one additional thing which I like to add in this article is that  Meta tag and description takes 7 to 15 days for their update.