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BEST SEO COMPANY pennsylvania

We are leading SEO company in pennsylvania and our SEO services is based on ethical practice and this include conducting detailed analysis of client websites and do necessary changes in website programmming structure to make website more Google friendly. Analytical data & other data assists the strategist to come up with a plan. We do not hit the birds in the shadows, and we gather the Intel about the niche and conduct various research. We put up a good plan with a team backing it up.Many SEO agencies do not maintain transparency because the insecurity level is higher. However, we maintain transparency of the progress every day so the clients can learn about the site health. We do not hide information, even when we make any mistakes.

Search engine optimization is no longer a secret because there is so much knowledge online for free. We use the same techniques and tools, but the difference is in execution & unique ideas. Our team constructs unique content and build a necessary network to reach that end goal. CEO of Googiehost started many years ago in the industry and developed exceptional skills in SEO. Search engines change with time, and the change can happen in a day or a year. Our team keeps up with the latest developments in the SEO & implement them.


Why Googiehost?

  1.  SEO agencies do not show the reports and update the clients about the project progress. We have a policy to send SEO reports on a daily basis or weekly basis, and it helps the clients to understand the progress. Clients can view the analytical data real-time anytime via Google Analytics.
  2.  Our teams work on micro-niches such as Amazon affiliate programs, blogs, and other sites. We have gathered information & data that leads us to provable ROI. The clients have a vision for the project, and we add value by carrying out the plan digitally.
  3.  Every campaign is unique, and it has different market value compared to other niches. We use modern tools to calculate the worth of the niche so that the clients can scale the business further. Our strategy determines the overall value, and we implement scalable campaigns.
  4.  SEO is a remarkable technique that can get the clients faster results and slower results. However, we use whitehat methods to ensure that there are no loose ends. Clients can witness the visibility from zero to something within months of the project. SEO takes time to reflect results on the search engine, and it is natural.

This is what we can do for you

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    Meta data integration and optimization

    Meta data is like description for SEO, a summary of what is there on the page. We drive this Meta data content being short, simple and to the point with all the important keywords attached at prominent places.

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    Image Alt tag optimization

    We at GoogieHost excel in using Alt tags for images and inserting the right keywords for making the content more viral and relative at the same time.

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    In-depth keyword researchs

    - Keyword research is of utmost importance in SEO. We believe that a right blend of keywords placed at right places can bring optimum benefits for the business. We will ensure that you get the right kind of visitor. We value "Quality above Quantity".

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    Google Analytics & Search Console setup

    Trusting us with your SEO would not disappoint you. Our technical setup will give you all the relevant details of what is happening over your website. You can get any details about visitors, time, traffic etc. at any point of time required.

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    Heading optimization

    A heading is the most important and highlighted element of content. While doing SEO we insert the right kind and most important keywords in Heading which in turn helps in good ranking of your website.

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    Robots.txt optimization

    We know that you need some privacy from Google too. You never have to worry about personal information looked into. We keep you assured with that.

How We Run SEO Campaigns


Keyword research is our specialty, where we use professional tools to find high, medium, and low competitive keywords to rank. Our writing team, SEO team, and CEO work together to create a search engine friendly piece of content that ranks faster.


On-page SEO is an important aspect of the entire subject. Our writing team and SEO team collaborates to create optimized site & content throughout the site.


Linking building techniques might seem similar to other sites, but the execution makes it successful, and timing is a crucial aspect as well. Our strategy organizes the execution period & timing to increase the ROI.


We analyze the sites health, link building, traffic behavior, SEO developments, progress and more. If the client request daily reports or weekly reports, then the project managers share a copy of the report.