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Top 10 YouTube Content Ideas That Might Inspire You In 2022

Are you still confused about what To create and publish On YouTube?

Whether you are an amateur videographer honing your skills or an expert photographer with millions of high-quality images and videos on your hard drive; If you have the correct YouTube Content Ideas, then monetizing your passion becomes easy-peasy. sbobet 

YouTube is one of the most fascinating destinations to encash your videography skills.

YouTube Content Ideas GoogieHost women cooking

In this article, we list down the top-10 genres that can make you a star from a nobody. And, in case you want to see how revenue-earning YouTube videos take shape, try out an easy youtube intro maker.

The Top-10 YouTube Content Ideas for the Maximum Revenue

It takes no rocket science to be a top star on YouTube. You need to have a passion, an acute understanding of the topic, and a knowledge of audience psychology.

Here are the top-10 YouTube genres that are creating the right buzz in 2020 (in ascending order of importance):

#1. Unbox Products

There has been a flurry of people and products of all shapes and sizes scurrying to create unboxing videos. And many of them are super-popular.

Genres That Might Inspire

To create an excellent and viewer-friendly unboxing video, you need to select a niche or a line of products you understand well and stick to it. 

Also, get the set-up ready.

For example, if you are unboxing travel gear, it’s wise to move to a natural environment and unbox.

#2. Educate Viewers

“Education is costly, not on YouTube, though.”

youtube content ideas educate people googiehost

It pays well to educate the masses for free. You can increase your viewer base and market your products at ease.

For example, if you work as a stockbroker, you can post a few videos on trading strategies. As your viewers start making profits, they can subscribe to your channel against a payment.

Ensure to keep your videos between six and nine minutes. Also, create slides that are light on content and heavy with visuals.

Engage students by motivating them to do a few tasks in their notebooks. Don’t mind if they have to pause the video, though.

Lastly, speak in your natural self.
It’s better if you make mistakes than to look at a teleprompter and talk on the camera.

3. Give Beauty and Lifestyle Tips

“Every human being on earth wants to look pretty.”

YouTube Content Ideas GoogieHost girl eating

Taking a cue from this, you can be their beauty and lifestyle coach.

But, to do that, you have to practice in advance what you preach.

If you do not apply these YouTube content ideas and tricks on yourself, your audience will quickly catch the anomaly.

You may follow these tips to create fascinating beauty and lifestyle videos:

  • Show your best self on camera – It helps to have a larger-than-life image, which your viewers would admire.
  • Forget script – Your beauty tips should come out naturally. It’s only natural when you are genuinely passionate about the beauty hack.
  • In beauty videos, all that glitters is gold – Choose sparkly things that attract the viewers.

#4. Challenge the Audience

These YouTube Content Ideas are relatively new. You can take up a challenge and tag people you know. They take up the same challenge and post videos.

youtube content ideas googiehost tiny people challenge

Tagging the content on YouTube is a surefire way to reach the top incredibly fast. You can scour the internet for tags that are creating the right buzz and make videos that cater to the audience’s tastes.

Some top challenges or tags that are in the limelight are food challenges and non-food challenges. You can check the top YouTube challenges that are taking the internet by storm.        

#5. Haul Videos

Haul videos are uncomplicated and relevant videos that simplify a subject.

For example, if you like shopping and are on a trip to San Francisco, you can take your viewers on a tour of the city’s various shopping centres.

You can create haul videos on a wide range of topics.

Such YouTube content ideas differ in clothing, accessories, snacks, makeup, cosmetics, books, souvenirs, video games, and anything and everything that you feel is important.

Remember, you are the star in a haul video. Hence, for most of your video, the camera will focus on you. 

#6. Make People Laugh

By making people happy, you may quickly achieve the ‘viral’ status.

Make People La

Comedy videos have a tremendous potential to spread rapidly and may send you to the moon and back even before you realize it in YouTube Content ideas. 

The following are the various ways to create comedy videos:

  • Do a short skit of a maximum of 10-minutes
  • Launch a series and publish one video every week.
  • Make a parody of a current issue.
  • Create a blooper video.

#7. Create Gaming Videos

If you want to capture the fancy of the young, create gaming videos.

Whenever you play online games, download a screen recorder and film your adventure.

But, nothing can be better than playing on PS4 or Xbox One.

Create Gaming Videos

Make sure you have a top-class microphone, camera, and video editing software like VideoCreek before venturing into this highly rewarding and massively technical genre.

#8. Travel Vlogs

Travel vlogs allow viewers to experience the unseen.

They cherish what you do, how you live, what you eat, and the things you do.

Top 10 YouTube Content Ideas That Might Inspire You In 2022

You can create two types of travel VLOGS – experience-based or activity-based. In an experienced video, you start shooting from the time you get out of your home until you return.

In this format, several videos come in quick succession.

In an activity video, you take up an activity or a place and explore it thoroughly.

#9.  How-To Do Things

These are instructional videos that simplify a process through pictures and short clips. 

For example, if you are a makeup artist, you can create a how-to video on removing dye from your hair. 

But, remember, it’s challenging to move from this genre to any other genre. Viewers usually have high expectations from a how-to author, and deviating from the track can bring disgrace to your otherwise serious work.

#10. Review Products

If there is one category that beats all other categories, it’s product reviews.

Although similar to the ‘unboxing’ genre, product reviews do not focus on the packaging. Instead, it focuses solely on the product.

As a product reviewer, you can make money in two ways. Firstly, you can monetize your channel by getting loyal customers. Secondly, as you reach stardom, companies will contact you to advertise their products against a fee.


When you are on the right track, YouTube can give you money and satisfaction. However, to lead them back to your channel, you need to create spellbinding outros within the shortest time possible

There is a sea of opportunity lurking beneath YouTube’s simple interface; gear up and catch the trend now.

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