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WiredTree is one of the excellent Web Hosting services for VPS and Dedicated server. WiredTree is established on 2006, their primary focus is to provide the best hosting service to the clients, and they have worked well in these years. And now the company have been put on the list of top hosting service for Managed VPS, Hybrid and Dedicated Server.

For the best deal, the company have all the extra-large in everything. When you see the plans of the WiredTree, you can find the huge RAM, large Bandwidth and biggest Storage for any user to get the best website and large packs for high performance.  


WiredTree Overview

WiredTree is best suited for Linux, and all the hosting service plan includes a powerful operating system, best network management, prep-installed software support, proactive monitoring & restoring and security support having spam free and virus filters.

WiredTree does not offer the web hosting service plan but only gives plans for VPS (Virtual Private Servers) and Dedicated Servers. So, here in this review, we will focus only on the Managed VPS service plans that are the top service providers to many of the website owners all over the world.

The Services of WiredTree includes-

  1. Managed VPS Hosting- This is the most popular service having 2 group of choice; one is PURE SSD VPS, which focus on giving you maximum performance and the other is SSD-ACCELERATED VPS, which concentrates on the providing Maximum disk space.
  2. Managed Hybrid Server- This plan is for providing the highest power for your website using the VPS service.
  3. Managed Dedicated Server- This plan is best for providing you with total control and customizable service.


Plans of the WiredTree

Out of the three hosting service, as the Managed VPS Hosting is the most popular; we will discuss its plans along with its features provided and the price of all the plans.

Under the Managed VPS Hosting, you will find- Pure SSD VPS & SSD- Accelerated VPS


This Hosting provides you with High-performance cPanel and is very flexible for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc. There are three plans for this Hosting, which are very famous for its large packs of feature included.

SSD 2000- In this plan you will get- RAM 2.5GB, storage up to 50GB Pure SSD RAID-10, 2x time faster CPU priorities and 6TB Bandwidth

PRICE- $55/month

SSD 3000- In this plan you will get- RAM 3.5GB, storage up to 70GB Pure SSD RAID-10, 3x time faster CPU priorities and 8TB Bandwidth

PRICE- $70/month

SSD 4000- In this plan you will get- RAM 4.5GB, storage up to 90GB Pure SSD RAID-10, 4x time faster CPU priorities and 10TB Bandwidth

PRICE- $85/month


SSD-Accelerated VPS:

This Hosting is provided with maximum disk space, and it is also faster than that of HHD. And it consists of 3 plans, they are-

SSD 2000- In this plan you will get- RAM 2GB, Storage up to 100GB Pure SSD RAID-10, Equally shared for CPU priorities and 6TB Bandwidth

PRICE- $49/month

SSD 3000- In this plan you will get- RAM 3GB, Storage up to 120GB Pure SSD RAID-10, Equally shared for CPU priorities and 8TB Bandwidth

PRICE- $69/month

SSD 4000- In this plan you will get- RAM 4GB, Storage up to 150GB Pure SSD RAID-10, Equally shared for CPU priorities and 10TB Bandwidth

PRICE- $55/month


Uptime Guarantees of WiredTree Hosting

The company uses powerful storage and advanced server that ensures to give you 99.99% Uptime and no Downtime. So in this manner, you can make sure that you are handling the most reliable service for your website.


Expert Supports

If you have any difficulties operating the service, there is a specialist team that is live 24 hours of 365 days always ready to help you. There is the toll free number as well as Email facilities for which any customers can directly get connected.


Additional Features of the WiredTree

WiredTree Hosting service is unique as they are provided with large Bandwidth and data storage. Accordingly, there is also lots more features that will give you the best deal to start a good service using the WiredTree.


Free Migrations

If you are tired using the older VPS service of other brand and want to include some new and fresh item in the service? Then here, WiredTreegives you free migration. All you got to do is, call to the customer support and for instant action will be taken. There are powerful control panels like- cPanel, Plesk on Linux, DirectAdmin, and Ensim/Parallels Pro; so you can make available for those which is very flexible for you.


Level Ups

Whenever you upgrade your service, the company will automatically “Level Up” to those specifications like- Disk space, Memory or Bandwidth


Grove Client Portal

Grove Client Portal is powerful control points that enable you to manage the Bandwidth usage, performs Reboot immediately, checks performance Metrics for CPU & memory usage and also get access to the Support system of the company.



The service is very flexible for running throughout the platforms and also ensures high performance that are highly expected too.


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