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Why your website is always down on free hosting ?

Why your website is always down on free hosting

First of all let me tell you that you are not alone with this issue, I know its very frustrating seeing your website most of time down. The fact is you don’t have full control over your website because you didn’t paid to host your website, thats why we already wrote the reality of Free website hosting sites no ads am not saying all free web hosts are bad but am not even saying that all free website hosting platforms are good.

If you are newbie then its good to start with these types of hosting services however we always recommend to use premium and affordable cPanel Hosting which can help you more stable.

Why your websites down?

Even we are hosting over 500 new websites everyday and you can’t even imagine how many websites we are handling for now. Most of time we can’t even recover our server cost from free hosting accounts. Daily growing new accounts decreasing quality of servers but GoogieHost always trying to help and make your website more reliable and easy to access for everyone.

How to make your website Online?

Yes there are many options to make your website up and speed up 3 times faster. First article was “Integrate with CloudFlare” and we have more tips to improve performance.

  • Enable gZip
  • Use Cache in htaccess
  • Don’t use direct NS Records
  • Buy Domains from same hosting provider

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