Why your website is always down on free hosting ?

There are two main reasons for your website is always down on free hosting. Also, there are two main ingredients that you need to get your site up. One is the domain, which you can get for two dollars from many domain registrars and the other one is the hosting.

Back in the days, one .com domain would have cost you $75/Year, which is far more expensive than the hosting (Space) packages. But, things have gone back because now hosting have become more expensive.

Many of you are not able to afford a hosting package, and we cannot blame you because it is expensive for many people around the world.

Then those who cannot afford $50 or $75 a year hosting package rather go to the free hosting sites.

Why your website is always down on free hosting?

I don’t blame the free users, and you shouldn’t even blame the hosting companies for providing you free hosting account that always goes down a hundred times a day.

Many of you have this one particular question, which was a puzzle for me as well back in 2012.

Over time, even a newbie like myself was in the same boat as everyone.

Before we get into the reasons, we would like to explain the main cause of this problem. If you are already aware of it, then skip to the next paragraph.

What is a Hosting Account?

what is hosting account

You need to know about the hosting accounts before you learn about the problem.

To make it simple for the beginners, Hosting account is a sever and it is like a MicroSD memory card, which comes with 1GB to 1TB of space.

Now the difference between the memory card and a hosting server, they are huge and required a power supply.

They specifically made for handling such task, which a memory card cannot perform. If you are planning to use your SD card to host the site, then forget it won’t work.

The average cost of a server is around $1500 to $10,000 for a company to set up.

They also need space to put the server and run it 24-hours a day for years to come.

Expenditure & Maintenance

expenditure and maintenance

Here is the answer you were waiting for till now.

  1. They require an additional server as a backup, so the cost of the server double’s up.
  2. It also requires an active Engineer to look after it because servers behave weirdly from time to time, just like your Windows PC. So, they have to assign an engineer to look after it and pay for the person on a monthly basis.
  3. High-speed Internet bill and electricity expenses are higher to run a server. Yes, they have to connect to the Internet all-time.

We have mentioned maintenance.

  1. Sever do have to go for maintenance once in a week to upgrade the firmware or fix the errors.
  2. Hosting servers get attacked by hackers on a daily basis, which is a common problem nowadays. So, they go down eventually.
  3. The major problem is that more than 5000 sites are added to one server on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the majority of them are spammy sites, which ruins the sever one way or other. Hosting companies have to recruit and spend time on fixing these sites.

Let’s take Googiehost for example, where we get 500 new connections on a daily basis.


Why your website is always down on free hosting

Now you can calculate the average cost to handle one server for a company.

First – The cost of a hosting server is high, no argument here.

Second – The company has to pay the salary of the engineer on a monthly basis, and many engineers do not come at a low price.

Third – The cost of office space + Internet bill + electricity bill, they are added to expenditure.

Fourth – More than 500 new accounts are created every day, which we have a dedicated person to take care of it. Even we have to pay for a management salary separately.

000WebHost have enabled Google Advertisements; we assume that you are aware of it. So, do they make money? Yes, but they don’t make profits out of it.

Because expenses are higher than the margins. They are barely surviving in the game for over a decade.

Now coming to the GoogieHost, do we have advertisements enabled? Check our free package.

We do not charge a single penny, and we do not display advertisements in the control panel as others do.

Why the server goes down?

The cost is so high that a free hosting company cannot invest in better hardware, support team, management, and other factors.

Not many people know that there was a time when Yahoo use to provide free-hosting, but they realized that it’s not ideal for their business, so they shut it down.

Are you surprised? Never heard of these factors, right?


The way we look at it, we are surprised that free hosting is available in the year of 2018. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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