Why Web Hosting is So Important for Gambling Businesses

Whenever gambling experts discuss online casinos the importance of web hosting is frequently overlooked. Here we will discuss why it’s more important than we think.

Finding a reliable hosting service is essential for running a successful gambling site. Although many startups look to cut back on their upkeep expenses, using subpar web hosting can be detrimental in this line of work. If you end up in a situation where you have to migrate your casino site you could lose a significant portion of your player base.

Additionally, losing the trust of the gamer community can result in a big backlash that will damage your brand reputation. Here we will go over some casino tips for finding the right hosting service and explain why it’s so important.

Why Are Servers so Important for Online Casinos

Those who play casino games want to have as many gaming options as possible. That means you need a server that can host hundreds of slots and other casino games. You can easily find the best payout online casino Canada sites and play for real money. You even get a decent casino win rate on these sites, because they are fully compliant and because they also invest in safety features. Again, player safety also depends on the quality of servers.

Why Are Servers so Important for Online Casinos

Of course, there are many operators that host content from one or two software providers, but they have other features like bonuses and efficient payment methods to compensate for the lack of content. In Canada for example many want to play casino games or place bets only on sites that accept Interac. Luckily there are plenty of real money Interac casino operators, and you can find them through sites like Gamblizard. Servers security is once again very important because sensitive payment information is on these sites. 

In other words, casinos need to be compliant in order to stay in business, and regulators insist on user safety. In a way secure servers are a legal necessity in this business.

What a Quality Server Means for an Online Casino Site

There are several key advantages that your gambling site gets if you pick a reliable hosting partner:

  • Security and Compliance – Already explained in the above section
  • Performance – The games will run smoothly, load fast, and be significantly less likely to crash. It can also support multiple live dealer games and it will help you facilitate live bet options.
  • Easier to scale – With enough server space you can easily add more casino features and games
  • Diversity and flexibility – You can add different software and more unique games if the infrastructure is compatible with the framework that developers are using.
  • International presence – If you are going to market your site to players in different geographies then you need a hosting service that will distribute your data to multiple servers. This way the site will be in better proximity to your players, and you can even localize it for specific domains.

What to Look For in a Web Hosting Service

There are different types of hosting services, but not all of them are a good pick for an online casino. Cloud hosting is a good pick because it’s safe, accessible globally, and has an automatic data backup.

Here are some casino life hacks or suggestions on what to look for in your web hosting provider. 

  • High Bandwith – Ask for a server that can support lots of traffic. It would be wise to do multiple stress tests before you go live in order to see how the site will behave when there are thousands of active users on it.
  • High Load Speed – A slow website is a big deterrent nowadays. You want a server that will load the application smoothly, and that will prevent it from crashing. Modern games have high-quality graphics, which means they take more computing power to load, so you should opt for a more expensive hosting package if it can support modern content.
  •  24/7 Support – If anything goes wrong with the server your provider needs to be very responsive and quick to act. You should ask for a dedicated support team that will always be available for you.
  • Support for microservices architecture – A lot of modern entertainment sites rely on microservices or API calls. This architecture makes it easier to add new features and functionalities. Once again you need a server that is compatible with this architecture.
  • Encryption – The data on your site needs to be encrypted and you need to have a backup that can easily restore all of the data if the site undergoes a cyber attack.


Web hosting might not be the bread and butter of an online casino, but it’s a powerful adhesive that keeps all of the features together. As a gaming site that collects lots of data the hosting requirements are high. But it will be easier to scale and improve your site if you get high-quality service right from the get-go.


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    Why Web Hosting is So Important for Gambling Businesses

    Why Web Hosting is so important for gambling Businesses