Why US clients Prefers Shopify instead of self-hosting solutions?

The E-commerce industry is growing at an alarming rate. Today whatever you want can be found easily Online. There are millions of users who are using these platform to grow their market and flourish them. Same like that there is an e-commerce hosting platform which allows you to trade products online quite easily. This is recommended as one of the best e-commerce hosting platform across the nation. Now many have been asking why the US clients prefers Shopify instead of self-hosting solutions.

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So here we will try to answer all your questions including why many do not like self-hosting solutions. But before we start let me inform you that there are millions of business man or new entrepreneurs who prefer using Shopify or are planning to use this platform. This platform also helps many to shift their business to the online world. If we look at the top e-commerce hosting sites then it will be Shopify which everyone will recommend. The system is so good that it is now giving its service to over 400,000 online markets across the globe. So now without doing any further delay let’s get into the discussion.
Why the US clients prefer Shopify instead of the self-hosting solution.
Here we will list out and show you why the US clients recommend Shopify the most instead of self-hosting solutions.

Good Technical Support of the Store

This system will always provide you with 24×7 customer supports which will be missing in self-hosting solutions. There are many who steps back only because of this reason. While there are some who take the bold step and go for self-hosting but a maximum of them end up with the mess as they couldn’t maintain it or they do not get the solution to their problems.

So in order to save from all those issues, the US clients prefer to go for Shopify as they provide good services to their users. They even provide solutions and supports with the application level of the stacks which will be missing in other hosting platforms. If they even provide they will charge you for that.

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Fully Reliable platform:

This is recommended as one of the best platforms. And just remember that there are millions of stores which are connected with them. So it is their responsibility to secure those as any bad record or reputation will hamper them in the near future. So to save from any issues the system is designed in such a way that user feels fully secure.

Shopify’s system is well tested and maintained which means they are never ready to compromise on their product quality and system. There is over 95,000 stores which are been hosted by Shopify and all of them fully trust the system. Whereas if anyone goes for self-hosting then it might be a hard top job for him as it will be very difficult for him to maintain the same level of reputation and reliability. So this is another reason why the US clients prefer to go for Shopify instead of self-hosting.

On Time Upgrades

Shopify provides with constant updates to their user which will ultimately help them go smoothly with their business and make the system more secure and safe. This is another vital reason why many users like Shopify. The constant updates make the systems future ready and provide with more features and help to elevate the platform more efficiently.


Online Stores using Shopify

Now if you have been on a self-hosting platform you would have missed all those things. There are millions of users who just get attracted because of this. Although the self-hosting solutions allow you to customize and run the system by your own way but in some cases, it really backs out. So this is another reason why the US clients prefer to go with Shopify instead of self-hosting solutions.

So these are top reasons why many of the US clients like to go with Shopify instead of self-hosting solutions. The reasons which I have mentioned are the best and many do agree with it. In the present internet market, Shopify is recommended as one of the best ways and many are choosing it. So even if you are planning to go online with business then do not think much, just go for Shopify.

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