Why CodePen is best tool for frontend developers?

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There are different tools for front-end development. But all developers choose the perfect one that enables better development with security. CodePen is known as the best tool for frontend developers. Whatever design you are thinking about a site you can easily develop it through different types of tools of CodePen. It is a social tool for front end developer and designers. Here you can:

  • Build a site
  • Test cases for any type of bugs
  • New designing tools for better design
  • Site deployment
  • Learn new technology. 
  • CodePen
    It is a site that allows you to develop your won site. In this site, you can write your code and can visualize it on web mode. CodePen uses the same front end languages which you can write directly on your browser. CodePen means “Code for front end development language” and “Pen for project”. In CodePen you can able in real time what you have developed and designed. It enables you to display what you have built.
    Features of CodePen:
    In this article, I am going to reveal the features of CodePen which makes it the best designing tool.
  • Cascading Style Sheet
    You can design great and responsive site if you have good experience in CSS. In CodePen you can write CSS code easily and quickly. You can include CSS file in it by clicking to a radio button. You can link external CSS file if you want. If you have done any mistake in your coding then CodePen will warn you for any type of errors, readability and browser support.
  • Design language
    In CodePen, there are different types of tools for JS, CSS and HTML development. As for HTML, you can use HAML and for CSS you can use Sass and SCSS. From its different drop-down menu, you can choose many options as Live Script for Java script. So for any types of design, you will find all update and advance tools and technology in CodePen.
    #CodePen Tags
    In CodePen project are known as a pen. You can use tags in your pen. If you have searched for any tags in it, you will find lots of helpful information. It means you will get a help document from where you can take any help. So you can make a collection of tags that relates to your topic.


  • Interface: You can view your project work in 4 different ways. All its views have lots of advantages that help you to develop a perfect and responsive site.
  • Editor- With this view option you can choose the language and size of the code to display.
    Details: This helps you to view all the social featured of this tool.
  • View Full page- If you want to see your project in full screen then this will help you.
    Apart from these, in its pro version, you can take help its presentation mode, Live view, professor mode and collab mode.
  • CodePen Bloggers
    It is a new feature that called CodePen Blogging. As simple as content writing in blogging, you can write code here. With this, you can use customize CSS in your post to make it simple and beautiful.
  • Pen in CodePen
    In CodePen you use many designs those are called Pens in it. It has a vast and amazing collection of pens that you can use it on your project. Every day many pens have been uploaded to CodePen by many developers and designers.


  • How to start in CodePen?
    As I have told earlier that in it, you can write code and able to see its real-time result. In CodePen you will find a different type of unique designs. So if you want to share or to build your own then you have to sign up with them. After you had successfully registered, you can submit your Pen means “project.”

So, I think you might have gathered some knowledge about CodePen. It has an ability that can enhance your design and development skills. It has a very simple and clear interface that you will be familiar with its tool within no time. If you are a designer and want to design an abstract site then CodePen is the best tool for frontend developers.

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