Why Affiliate Marketing Doesn’t work for newbies ?

I am writing this article to tell you why affiliate marketing doesn’t work for you, specially if you are newbie in affiliate marketing industry. You may already have a blog and trying to generate some revenue using Google Adsense or some of you following tips and ideas of top affiliate marketing gurus to make handsome earning from affiliates.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

According to my point of view, this is all about referring leads to others business and get paid for selling their products. There are various kind of affiliate marketing strategies available on the internet but most of them ends with generates sales for someone’s business and they will give you commission.

For example am a affiliate member of HostGator’s Hosting Service and refer them a client then I’ll get paid $50 – $75 on each sale, doesn’t look cool ?

Why Affiliate Marketing ?

I love affiliate marketing because this is my primary method to generate my most of monthly income, anyone can make thousands of dollars with smart mind and bit hard work. The most interesting thing about affiliate marketing is you don’t have to worry about CPC Rates, CTR and many other Ad Network factors. All you have to do is, go and complete your work smartly and sit back but its not that easy even.

Why Affiliate Marketing Doesn’t work for you ?

Did you already tried to make money with this method and followed every single tips by Affiliate Marketing guru’s ? Well I do understand that you feel disappointed because you didn’t even made a penny after following all the lead generation tips.

The reason behind this FAIL is you are expecting too much and might be hoping for 5 sales within a month or so, but did your idol affiliate marketing told you that from how long he is in this field and how many websites/ blogs and some other secrets ?

Why Affiliate Marketing Doesn't work for you ?

Why Affiliate Marketing Doesn’t work for you ?

I know you are impressed with their earning report or actual snapshot from affiliate dashboard. I have seen many newbies join online paid webinars and other services by paying hundreds of hard earned bucks.

Is affiliate Marketing automated ?

There are over thousands of websites available which promising you to make you thousands of dollars with fully automated tools, I highly disagree with these kind of tools but newbies are easily convinced with these kind of automated online or offline services…

Tell me one thing is there any way to have your meal without moving your hands ? No! right ? then why you guys trust them and wasting your bucks ?

Is it 100% FREE ?

The answer is Big NO! affiliate marketers invest hundreds of dollars and time to start generating their first penny from it. You never been informed by experts the how many websites or blog they owns to run this program, how many hosting accounts they bought to host their websites.

I did a initial research before writing this article, I know a guy who is damn good in affiliates he is making about $5K per month which is awesome for anyone. When I was keeping my eyes on every step he is taking and realize that he has over 50 domain names which cost you approx 12×50 = $600 and to host these domains am damn sure he is paying more than $600, it means you need to invest $1200 per year 🙂

Now you tell me is it really free ?

How to become a Happy Affiliate Marketer ?

There is no magic ring to makes you a successful affiliate marketer over night, but if you follow simple rules and WORK HARD  then its not that hard. The key point of this business is Hard Work, you have to build a proper strategy before you start

Why Affiliate Marketing Doesn't work for newbies ?

Why Affiliate Marketing Doesn’t work for newbies ?

  1. Arrange some money to buy Domains, Hosting and some SEO Tools
  2. Give some time (You may not generate even a single sale in first of month)
  3. Work hard (Don’t think that you cannot, keep working on it)
  4. Learn about SEO and Keyword Research
  5. Promote products only you are expert in
  6. Make good social media connections
  7. Don’t miss latest updates and trend
  8. Do not go with Automated tools


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