Which is best free hosting provider on the internet?

I have been asked by thousands of readers that which is best free hosting provider on the internet but you may know that we cannot say anything without testing them however as we are in the same field its easy to understand about web hosts by reviewing couple of features.

The Fact behind best free web host: According to my personal experience with more than 50 free web hosts, there is nothing in order to provide best free web hosting sites. There are more than 1000 websites which are providing free hosting but unfortunately most of them have same features and services. I am not going to tell you the name of any sites but let me tell you that about 600-7500 web hosts among 1000 gives you 10-20GB Storage and 100-200GB bandwidth because these servers belong to same provider.

Using Free Hosting for business website: If you want to design website for your business then there is nothing wrong with it because free web hosts like us can easily handle low traffic websites without much downtime. We always recommend using our service if you don’t have thousands of unique visitors per day.

cPanel Vs Custom Panel Free Hosting: Well if you are looking for only cPanel based free web host then there are only selected providers on the internet but it’s a bad luck that about 99% of them has very low resources for example most of them providing 500MB Space and 10000MB bandwidth. I think that’s the only reason we are getting over 100 users which are moving their websites to us.

Here you are getting everything Unlimited with satisfactory uptime and other features however you always advised to do bit research before hosting your valuable website on any server. And fi you have good numbers of hits then you should go with paid one because you blog or website worth more than what you think.

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  1. I think googiehost is only one full featured free hosting but it gets down time to time and gives negative impression to the user.

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