What is Hosting Bandwidth and how much your website required

One of the tedious jobs that everyone having a website or a blog faces is selecting the amount of bandwidth. Now for those who are a bit inexperienced, and is kind of rookie then, I would advise you read this post; as I’m going to mention every single detail about hosting bandwidth and how much does a website requires it. Before jumping further, allow me to first to explain to you what is bandwidth, and how is it related to your website.


What is hosting bandwidth?

In the world of computing, Bandwidth actually refers to the amount of data that can be transferred between two computers within a second. But if we move to the world of hosting, it can be termed as the amount of data that can be transferred via a website at a time.

Moving ahead, when you search for good hosting companies, you may often see that all of them offers various packages and plans at different prices. Nevertheless, while searching for plans, you will find one similarity that most of the hosting companies offer, which is unlimited bandwidth. However, the reality is that it’s a lie, hosting providers do this to woo customers, especially newbies, because the companies know it very well that they will never reach that limit, and, even if someone does they will have to pay some fine.

So, instead of getting happy and delighted, first try to calculate how much bandwidth will your website actually require. Because until and unless you do that, it will be your hard earned money that is going to get wasted, and I don’t think, any hardworking person would be in this favor. I would also like to highlight something here while choosing a bandwidth plan don’t try to go with some kind of basic plan just because you don’t want to spend too much unless you are someone who just has started. The reason I am saying that is if you are having a good amount of traffic but you have chosen a plan that can’t support it then it will ultimately hamper your site and its reputation.

One more thing, while picking a hosting provider, always try to go with a hosting provider that offers a variety of options of plans and flexible solutions.


Bandwidth calculation

You can use the given formula to calculate the bandwidth of your website, however, I would also like to inform that this is will not give you an accurate result, which you are looking for instead, but it will help you in getting an idea.

  • The first thing, which you will need to this find the average page size of your blog or website in Kilobytes (Kb). Now, for those of you who don’t know how to calculate it, just visit tools.pingdom.com, enter your site link, and run the test.
  • Once you get the page size, next thing you need to do is multiply it by the number of monthly average visitors.
  • Lastly, multiply the value generated from the second step with the number of the average of page views by visitors.

(Note- If you are having multiple sites, then you have to calculate the result for each and one of them, and then add the total to find out the bandwidth)


Factors that can impact your bandwidth

Let’s just say that you are using a good bandwidth plan. Normally, if we see, the bandwidth required for an average website is somewhere around 5-8 GB. However, there are certain things, which could affect your bandwidth, so what are those things, let’s just have a look at that.

  • If you have somehow managed to rank some keyword, and you are getting index at the top, then you might see a spike in your traffic, now that’s sure is a great thing, but that can also result in an increase of bandwidth usage.
  • Another way your bandwidth may get affected is if you have added a new site to the same bandwidth plan, which is getting a good traffic.
  • Other than traffic, your site design and layout can also have an influence. If you are adding some new design it can either increase the page or reduce the page size.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you found it helpful, please do consider sharing it on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit. Anyways, if you still have questions in your mind, then please let me know by dropping your queries or questions in the comment section below. I’ll be glad to help you out.



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