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Best 10 Websites for UI/UX Portfolios in 2022

Web designers are in extremely high demand in the present economy. But this market for UI/UX designers is also heavily saturated with designers of different skill levels and experiences. To stand out from the crowd, the designers need to have a great online portfolio that their potential clients will be able to access. This portfolio will give the client a glimpse into the design sensibilities of the designer and bring more business to the designer.

Some UI/UX designers choose to build their own website, but this can be a difficult and time-consuming process and ultimately unnecessary. Some very reliable professional portfolio websites available in the market can give designers the best opportunity to showcase their work to their future clients.

There is a lot of debate and discussion in the designing world about the difference between UI design and UX design. But this UI vs UX debate is irrelevant when building one’s own portfolio. UX (user experience) designers generally focus more on how customers will interact with a design, while the UI designers then translate this experience into a visually appealing web/app design. In actual practical terms, these tasks intersect each other very heavily, and both types of designers need to market their skills to the same clientele. 

UI/UX designers can use card sorting. What is card sorting? Card sorting is a research tool that helps you better understand people’s mental models and informs your information architecture by taking into account how the users of your product actually think.

UI/UX design is one of the most exciting and fast-evolving areas of the tech sphere. Huge innovations in customer relations hinge primarily on the design of the user interface and the user experience. So, there is plenty of scope for designers to build thriving careers in web design.

So, if you consider yourself primarily a UI or UX designer, these 10 websites can be useful for you irrespectively:

Top 10 UI/UX portfolio builders:

1.       Adobe Portfolio 

Best 10 Websites for UI/UX Portfolios in 2022

Designers who already have the paid Adobe Creative Cloud subscription can use this service free of cost. Adobe Portfolio allows designers to have a lot of control over the layout of their portfolio. Designers can make their portfolio a single page or build more extensive galleries to display all their work.

The most important feature of Adobe Portfolio is that portfolios built using it are compatible with all kinds of devices. Adobe Portfolio customers also access the Typekit font library to add more finesse to their portfolio.

2.       Wix 

Wix is one of the market leaders among portfolio-building websites. There are more than 40 templates for designers to choose from. But they have full freedom to move things around in the template and customize it to fit their own design aesthetic. The drag and drop feature makes editing templates on Wix very simple and easy.

The Wix premium plan has some very interesting features that help designers leverage their portfolio to gain access to more clients. Wix offers lead gathering, automatic live chat greetings and much more. Wix also allows designers to create responsive galleries of their work so that visitors to the site can have a more personal and dynamic experience with the designer’s works.

3.       WordPress

Best 10 Websites for UI/UX Portfolios in 2022

One of the earliest website builders on the market, WordPress is a great tool for building UI/UX design portfolios. There are hundreds of templates and designs to choose from. There are also numerous WordPress plug-ins that designers can install to get access to a whole gamut of services. There are plug-ins to build a customized gallery, plug-ins that gather website analytics and some plug-ins even help with the website SEO.

WordPress features have a bit of a learning curve, and designers may need to consult some tutorials to grasp the full range of features and services, but once this familiarity with the site has been established, WordPress can become a very reliable and versatile portfolio-building platform for UX/UI designers.

4.       Squarespace

In recent years Squarespace has taken the market by storm and has become one of the favorite portfolio builders for UI/UX designers worldwide. Squarespace has 24 templates that designers can choose from. Drastic changes to the templates are not possible, but designers do have the choice to modify the colours, fonts and layout of their template.

Squarespace also does not put any space restrictions on designers, so they can display as many projects as they want on their website. Another significant advantage of the Squarespace portfolio builder is its built-in photo editor, which offers various features.

Squarespace also allows designers to link their social media on their website, which is very important for UI/UX designers who use their social media for professional marketing.

5.       Behance

Behance is a very popular portfolio builder, but most features are free, unlike the other UX/UI portfolio builders listed above. Behance offers various editing tools designers need to upload and showcase their UI/UX designs properly. Using Behance, customers can build portfolios with detailed images. Behance also allows other designers and visitors to provide feedback on a designer’s website.

The community of designers and clients on Behance provides great networking opportunities for all involved.

6.       Dribble

This is another free app that helps connect designers with high-end clients. Many top companies also recruit their design talent from Dribble. But what sets Dribble apart from other portfolio builders in the market is the ability of designers to share work-in-progress files.

Many designers use Dribble alongside another portfolio builder app to showcase their work-in-progress and detailed finished projects. Dribble has a great community of designers who can interact, connect, and collaborate on later projects.

7.       Zyro

Zyro is a more high-end portfolio builder with its pricing ranging mostly on the higher end of the market. Zyro offers clients 22 templates for their portfolio that they can choose from and customize to their preferences. There is also an AI powered UX template generator for designers who are unhappy with the existing 22 options.

But the most exciting feature of Zyro is their customizable image gallery where designers can edit images and choose their own layout.  Zyro also allows designers to directly transfer their content from some other site which makes setting up a Zyro portfolio very easy and simple.

8.       Webnode

This portfolio builder targets a very specific market of designers. It is primarily for those designers who want a multi-lingual portfolio to tap into the international client base. Designers can get the content of their website translated into multiple languages and then upload it to their Webnode portfolio.

This means that when a visitor opens the portfolio, they can choose any of these translated languages from a drop-down menu. Webnode templates are very well-designed, but options are sadly a little limited and customizations are also limited only to certain aspects of the design.

9.       Crevado

This is a popular free website for portfolio designing that has nine different templates for designers to choose from. Designers can upload images, PDFs and various other types of files to their portfolio to showcase their full range of skills. Designers who want to showcase more of their works can also take up a Crevado paid subscription.

The most important feature of Creavdo is that designers have full control and can customize the existing nine themes as much as they like. Crevado can also be linked with Google Analytics for better lead generation.

10.   IONOS

The IONOS website builder is very useful for designers who want to build their portfolios without spending too much. IONOS is a paid service, but designers can build a basic, responsive portfolio with minimal expenditure. IONOS does not have too many design templates for designers to choose from, but each of these templates can be customized quite a lot in terms of fonts, colours and even content blocks.

But the most important IONOS service is the custom email id with the portfolio domain name that every designer gets when they buy their IONOS subscription. IONOS also has a very prompt and effective customer support service to help designers if they need any assistance while building their site.

These are just a few of the portfolio design websites available online. Some are newer market entrants, while others have been market leaders for a few years. There are free services and more premium high-end portfolio builders on this list. The choice depends entirely on the designer and their business plan. While amateurs and students might want to try a free service first, more experienced designers can go for a paid service to present a more sophisticated look.

UI/UX designers also can use card sorting to get inspiration for labelling and grouping content or ideas. What is card sorting? Card sorting is a research tool that helps you better understand people’s mental models and informs your information architecture by taking into account how the users of your product actually think.

UI/UX design is one of the most exciting and fast-evolving areas of the tech sphere. Huge innovations in customer relations hinge primarily on the design of the user interface and the user experience. So, there is plenty of scope for designers to build thriving careers in web design.

If you also want to build a successful career in UX/UI design and connections that will take you farther in the industry, then the list of sites listed above can be a great place to start your journey. Fix your budget, do your research and then set up your portfolio. Remember to keep adding, editing and updating your portfolio as you polish your skills and gain experience.

Happy Designing!

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