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28 Website Color Combination Guide | Color Role In Website 2021

It is no biggie to understand that we perceive what we see. And what we see constantly and are surrounded by are colors.

That said, did you know over 82% of users base their buying decisions on color?

As surprising as it seems, the above fact is true!

factors affecting buying decision

And why wouldn’t it be, given the fact that we humans are visually-driven?

Just to show how much you notice colors, we have a quick puzzle for you. Can you guess the original colors associated with McDonald’s?

McDonald’s logo

Of course, you got it right! Big brands like McDonald’s, KFC, Dell, YouStable use unique color combinations to establish their brand identity.

They reflect the same not in just their logos, but it is also evident in the Website Color Combination they use.

According to a few pieces of research, “Color increases brand recognition by almost 78 percent”.

This also means that website color combination affects the performance of your website greatly.

In fact, given how much the online world has grown, it is exponentially crucial for you to choose a promising website color combination to not only stand out among millions of websites but also to drive traffic and increase engagement of your users.

But why does color schemes affect us the way it does? Well, this is where Color Psychology comes to play.  

What is Color Psychology?

Color psychology, an extension of behavioural psychology, at its simplest is the study of how humans react to colors.

While the perception of colors varies from person to person, there are certain color effects that have universal meaning and are perceived uniformly among all.

Remember how we associate thick blackish-blue clouds when it is about to rain with sadness and gloominess?

Similarly, we perceive Red as the color of love and lust, White with peace and simplicity, Black with evilness or even sleekness and so on.

What is Color Psychology?

The color perception is somewhat subjective which makes the field a bit complicated.

What complicates the matter, even more, is the fact that it takes only 90 seconds for a customer to form an opinion about a website colour combination, which directly influences its conversion rate and engagement.

To tackle this colorful problem, it is wise to take the help of Color Theory.

What is Color Theory?

Colour Theory in itself is a very vast topic but there are precisely three categories that make sense when we talk about website colour combination. They are:

  • Color Wheel
  • Color Harmony
  • Color Context

Color Theory creates a sort of logical, similar-in-some-ways color structure. Let’s take a brief look at Color Wheel.

Color Wheel

Chances are you might have heard about ‘Color Wheel’ if you ever attended any art class.

Color Wheel is a pretty basic wheel consisting of different colors and is further divided into three categories. They are:

1.    Primary Colors- Red, Yellow, Blue

These are the three pigment colors that cannot be mixed or formed by the combination of any other colors.

2.    Secondary Colors- Green, Orange, Purple

These are formed by combining Primary Colors.

3.    Tertiary Colors- Yellow-orange, red-orange, red-purple, blue-purple, blue-green & yellow-green

These are the colors formed by mixing a primary and a secondary color.

color wheel

Although the color wheel is basic, it is of great help while choosing a website color combination.

The most common pattern of choosing colors from the color wheel is either going for ‘complementary colors

that are opposite to each other in the color wheel or ‘analogous colors’ which are similar and next to each other on the wheel.

Importance of Color Theory

Color theory is used to strengthen a design and maximize its potential.

When it comes to website color combination, Color theory helps in strengthening the buying decisions/ conversion rate or increasing engagement.

Basically, a website is a marketing tool that represents the companies, products, and services.

It is also a reflection of the company’s personality, ideologies, and philosophies.

This is why colors are to be chosen in such a way that reflects exactly the image the company wants to portray.

Color Theory

Color Theory plays an important role in making the visitor of your website into the customer.

For example, you can use warm colors like yellow, orange, brown on your website to excite your customers and make a particular section stand out. That’s why they are used in small doses.

Similarly, cool colors like blue, green, pink leave a calming, soothing and secure feeling, and therefore can be used in large quantities.

The Importance of Color in Web Design

Contrary to popular beliefs, web designers do much more than just ‘decorating’ the website.

As we have told you earlier, website color combinations are chosen on purpose and with intentions that may vary from website to website.

Thus, it is important to integrate colors in web design in order to evoke the desired reaction from the users.

So the most crucial importance of colors in web design include points like:

#1 Highlighting Features or Creating Focus

If you want to keep your website simple yet effective, chances are you might want to implement a minimal color palette.

In such a case, utilizing a strong primary or priority color can not only pack a lot of sense and purpose but also draw focus and highlight features you want to emphasize.

As evident from the image above, the sleek black is used as base color while whites and yellows are used to highlight features and draw attention to the targeted area.

Before you begin, you must decide on how many colors you want to use.

While there is no rule of thumb when selecting the number of colors, you must decide on what color will be Primary/Dominant, at the same time, you can choose a secondary color and accent colors which may be either complementary or analogous to the primary color.

A popular fashion to implement colors on your website is something called ‘60-30-10 rule’

60-30-10 rule

This is basically a website color combination rule which was formerly used in fields like fashion or interior designing. It involves breaking three colors into percentages to create ‘perfect harmony’.

Here is how it works?

  • 60 percent of Primary Color
  • 30 percent of Secondary Color
  • 10 percent of an Accent Color

This implies that the Dominant color will cover approximately 60 percent of the space on your website while the Secondary color will cover 30 percent and the Accent color will cover 10 percent of the total space.

If you want to see an example of the ‘60-30-10 rule’, look no further than YouStable.

example of the ‘60-30-10 rule

Notice how black is the primary color, white is the secondary color while yellow is the accent color.

#2 Driving Engagement and Increasing Participation

According to a study, advertisements in colors are read up to 42 percent more often than the same advertisements in black and white.

It is natural to conclude from the study that, colors positively influences both the engagement as well as the participation factor.

You can implement a variety of website color combination schemes in your web design to avail the mentioned advantage.

Driving Engagement and Increasing Participation

#3 Informing & Attracting Attention

As per yet another study, color can increase Readership, Learning, and Comprehension by 40 percent, 55-78 percent, and 73 percent respectively.

According to the research in this domain, on average a black & white image may hold the interest for less than two-thirds of a second, whereas the colored version of the same image might sustain the attention for two seconds or even more.

Similarly, when a user lands on your webpage, you have just one-twentieth of a second to halt their attention before they move to the next available options.

Generally, at one glance, people are not able to process every item/object within view.

Therefore, you can integrate attention-grabbing colors in your website color combination to emphasize or de-emphasize certain areas.

Now that we have answered all the ‘Whys’ and covered the semantics of website color combination, let’s discuss how you should use/choose website colour

combinations that will increase the attraction factor of your website.

How to choose Color Combinations for Website?

At the end of the day, it hardly matters what color you choose.

We know that it sounds surprising, but what really matters is the combination of colors you used when it comes to conversion rate than any one color in particular.

To use colors to their best ability, you need to be able to find a combination that adds value and encourages signups, sales, and conversions.

Before you decide on any website color combinations, here are a few factors you should consider for better results:

★   Know your Audience

The very first thing you must be aware of is the audience you want to target and consider your overall demographic.

know you audience

To choose an appropriate website color combination, you must know who is it that you are seeking to reach and sell your products to.

Also, you must know what kind of emotions you want to provoke in your visitors.

★   Consider Gender and Age Group

It is not necessarily news that men and women like different colors.

So while choosing your website color combination, you must most definitely consider the gender of your visitors.

If your website is made for any particular gender, you must use gender-specific colors.

For example, men really like the color blue and dislike colors like brown and purple.

color prefrences by gender

While women like colors blue and purple and dislike colors brown and orange.

The next thing you should keep in mind is the age group of your audience.

You might already know that the color preference of a person changes with their age.

If your demographic is dominated by a certain age group, then you must consider this factor as well.

Other than the above-mentioned facts, we highly recommend adopting such a website color combination that is either product-specific, industry-specific or niche-specific.

We have compiled a ready-to-apply website color combinations list for you. Feel free to try them on your website.

❖   Website Color Combination for Travel and Vacation Blog

travel color website

This website color combination evokes a feeling of being surrounded by a serene blue and a lively outdoor scenes.

This down-to-earth, pleasant website color combination is appropriate for Travel or Vacation oriented websites. 

website color for travel

This is yet another analogous website color combination, the hues of blue combined with white and greyish-green will give your website a very earthy look

This earthy website color combination of greyish-green with a range of cool blues, from teal to pale cerulean blue, is perfect for your travel or vacation blog as it depicts the elements of fun, happiness and adventure.

❖   Website Color Combination for Cooking and Recipe Websites

Website Color Combination for Cooking

This website color combination of reds and pinks with a bright, contrasting blue will build a factor of interest and draw attention to your cooking or food-related websites.

food website color combination

This website color combination of UCLA Blue, Cameo Pink, and Gray is suitable for websites that are looking for liveliness and joy.

❖   Website Color Combination of beauty and fashion Website

beauty and fashion Website

Shades of dark reddish-brown combined with old Lavender and deep Tuscan red will create a unique palette that is suitable for websites looking for energy and richness.

The website color combination is suitable for beauty and fashion related products or blogs.

fashion website color

This website color combination evokes a sensation of sophistication, luxury and fineness because of its modern-looking palette of reds, pinks, grays and blacks.

fashion website color

This lively website color combination of bright pinks and soft pastel blues and purple is suitable for fresh-looking websites that have an element of sleekness.

❖    Website Color Combination for Lifestyle Websites

Website Color Combination for Lifestyle Websites

This beautiful website color combination of pale green, candy pink, pastel brown and lavender gray is ideal for websites looking to depict a vibrant and inviting image.

lifestyle color website

The website color combination consisting of blues, oranges and cyan is ideal for optimistic and uplifting websites. It is best for lifestyle related content.

lifestyle website color

This relaxing yet cheerful website color combination of yellow, lemon, dark cyan, and mint is ideal for lifestyle oriented sites that want to convey optimism, energy, growth and harmony.

❖   Website Color Combination for Personal Development Blog

Website Color Combination for Personal Development Blog

This is yet another remarkable analogous website color combination suitable for personal blogs, or the opinion sharing forums.

Website Color Combination for Personal Development Blog

This sleek and ultra-modern website color combination boasts an eye-catching and elegant contrast.

The bright yellow-green combines well with the black and gray in the background and can be used for websites related to personal development.

❖   Website Color Combination for Health and Fitness Websites

Website Color Combination for Health and Fitness Websites

This website color combination of blues and violets evokes a feeling of positivity, energy and freshness.

The best thing about this colour scheme is that it arouses both energy and serenity at the same time. The colour combination is best for health and fitness related websites.

health website color

The shades of blues and gray in this website color combination give your website a sleek, serious and energetic look that makes it ideal for fitness and health-oriented websites.

❖   Website Color Combination for Parenting Websites

Website Color Combination for Parenting Websites

A beautiful website color combination of martyl green, black and different shade of whites is very effective, elegant and best suited for websites related to parenting

parents website color

This website color combination consists of both cool and warm hues and is very effective in drawing attention.

❖   Website Color Combination for Home Decor Websites

home decor website

This is a very elegant website color combination consisting of shades of pink, beige, grey and cream.

It is quite sleek and can be used in many kinds of websites, specifically for home decor websites.

home decor website

A website color combination like this is very elegant and appealing due to its contrasting hues of blues, pinks and wine.

home decor

This website color combination is very suitable for home decor websites, this combination brings a lively, youthful look and feel.

❖   Website Color Combination for Music Websites

This is a very cool, crazy type of website color combination for funky, stylish websites. You can use it on your music-related websites.

website color for music

This is yet elegant, sleek website color combination and evokes a very lively, energetic feeling. Feel free to use it in bold content.

music website color

Website Color Combination for Tech Oriented Websites

tech website colour

This is a sleek tech oriented website color combination consisting of blacks, blues, and gray.

website color for tech webste

This is the best website color combination for sleek, stylish and up-to-date websites.

❖   Website Color Combination for Art related Websites

Website Color Combination for Art

This website color combination is for art and creative websites. Full of colors and life, this is best for art related websites.

Website Color Combination for Minimalist Websites

Website Color Combination for Minimalist Websites

For your minimalist, down-to-earth website, you can use this website color combination of green, pinks, blues and whites.

❖   Website Color Combination for Business Websites

business website color website

This is a very professional, classy website color combination and can be used by business on their official websites.

business website colour

This sleek looking website color combination of blues, purple, green gives your website a very rich, attractive look.

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