WebCity Review 2020: Web Hosting, VPS, Domains

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Webcity is one of the oldest Web hosting service providers in the internet market. The plans of Webcity are having the most important feature in it with high-tech tools. Webcity is originated from Australia which has gained the most popular among the country. And have become one of Australia’s leading hosting and services providers; Webcity Company is powered by Cloud Linux and also they are the leading domain name registrars in its country.

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To get a domain, you should have registered yourself before proceeding to the mainstream i.e. to buy the hosting plan in Webcity Company. You can get the domain name registration at a very low cost for just $12.75 per month and also there more awesome offers for you to grab.


Webcity Overview

It is also growing popularity all over the world with its unique technology Powered by the Fastest Intel 12 core CPUs and having the SSD Storage for maintaining the web hosting service. And hence providing the high-speed Web Server, it also gives you the Spam Expert’s email filtering to avoid any source of external foe for your web hosting service.

This web hosting service has- Starter Hosting, Business Hosting, Multi Hosting, VPS, Cloud, Domains; whichever you desire to choose, you can have it at a good reasonable price.

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Webcity Web Hosting service

There are best quality plans and 99.9% uptime guarantees of a web hosting plan. Here below we will discuss the Business Hosting plans. Business hosting plans are the best and common to all the users whereas in the Starter Hosting plans almost all the features are basic and useful only for the limited requirement in any websites.

Webcity Web Hosting plan

WebCity Review 2020: Web Hosting, VPS, Domains
Webcity Web Hosting Plans

Starter Plan

The Starter plan is the first plan given by the Webcity and if you are happy with this plan. You can proceed to purchase it in just $3.75/month. The Starter Hosting Plan has certain important features like cPanel, Unlimited storage space (High-Speed SAN), Unlimited Traffic, Unlimited mailboxes, Unlimited MySQL databases, Daily Backup, Litespeed or Apache Web server.

Business Plan

Business Plan is the most popular plan of all having the most attractive features but a comparatively lower price in just $3.95/month. The Business Hosting Plan has certain important features like cPanel, Unlimited storage space (Raid 10 Enterprise SSD ), Unlimited Traffic, Unlimited mailboxes, Unlimited MySQL databases, Daily Backup, LiteSpeed Web server.

Ultimate Plan

The third plan is the Ultimate plan of the webcity which has more extras in the features compared to the above plans. And the price is also very reasonable just at $19.50/month. The Ultimate Hosting Plan includes features like cPanel, Unlimited storage space (Flash Enterprise), Unlimited Traffic, Unlimited mailboxes, Unlimited MySQL databases, Daily Backup, Cached UltraFast.

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Webcity Web Hosting Features

The Webcity helps the customers to get the immediate installation with its feature for instant setups which your credit card payments while purchasing are processed on the spot with no difficulties.

High-Speed Servers

The hosting service of any account is run by high-speed multi-core Dell blade servers for better performance and service.

Ultra High Tech Infrastructure

Webcity web hosting has accounts that are based on the latest spec blade servers where data is stored on high-speed SANs for backups and security.


Webcity is operated by the advance SSDs, which are known for the fast raid 10 configuration that allows for maximum performance.

Webcity Pros and Cons

Webcity has over 20 years of practice in the web hosting business and offers clients with remarkable features on its shared plans. If you need quickness and safety for your online platform, at a reasonable price, the hosting plan is seamless for you. If you want any assistance they have an outstanding support team presented 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As an additional service, they likewise have a team of specialists that can help with matters that wouldn’t be secret as product care.

Webcity Pros

  • One-click installer with over 400+ web scripts
  • 30-day money-back assurance
  • LiteSpeed web server for earlier page loading
  • Low priced hosting packages

Webcity Cons

  • Payment method via credit card only
  • No monthly subscription plan

WebCity Black Friday Hosting Deals 2019

WebCity’s Black Friday Sale and it’s going to Rock. 75% off all web hosting plans is completely unbelievable, and it’s a deal I personally wouldn’t miss.

If you’re preparation to get yourself a new account or switch web hosting (good news, site migration is done totally free of charge by WebCity!) you greatest plan out your daily plan cause you won’t want to miss this huge sale!

Final Thoughts

Webcity is a popular web hosting company in Australia and is also one of the known web hosting service providers. But yet improvement is still required to match another competitor. As the web hosting service should be more flexible for working on platforms like WordPress and others for providing people with more options for operating on different platforms. Most of the time the security system also is unsecured and the support team is also not so beneficial in which customers are not provided with a toll-free number of the company.

But yet for overall performance in its country has been working well with this web hosting service which is also a good sign for others to check on this cool web hosting service and its facilities.

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