Top Google Cloud Platform Certifications

The certificates can be bundled into two clusters: 



Associate Certificate

An Associate certificate is intended for those who handle the day-to-day operations of a cloud environment. 

Cloud Engineer

Set up a cloud solution environment

Plan and configure a cloud solution

Deploy and implement a cloud solution

Configure access and security

Professional Certificates

Professional certificates are role-based and intended for seasoned cloud engineers who seek to prove their skills in designing and implementing cloud environments.

Cloud Architect

Design and plan a cloud solution architecture

Manage and provision the cloud solution infrastructure

Design for security and compliance

Analyze and optimize technical and business processes

Cloud Developer

Design highly scalable, available, and reliable cloud-native applications.

Build and test applications

Deploy applications

Integrate Google Cloud services

‍Cloud DevOps Engineer

Apply site reliability engineering principles to a service

Optimize service performance

Implement service monitoring strategies

Build and implement CI/CD pipelines for a service

Manage service incidents

Cloud Security Engineer

Configure access within a cloud solution environment

Configure network security

Ensure data protection

Manage operations within a cloud solution environment

Ensure compliance

Cloud Network Engineer

Design, plan, and prototype a GCP Network.

Implement a GCP Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) 

Configure network services

Implement hybrid inter connectivity

Implement network security

Collaboration Engineer

Plan and implement Google Workspace authorization and access

Manage user, resource, and Shared Drives lifecycles

Manage mail

Control and configure Google Workspace services

Monitor organizational operations

Machine Learning Engineer

Frame ML problems

Architect ML solutions

Prepare and process data

Develop ML models

Automate & orchestrate ML pipelines

Monitor, optimize, and maintain ML solutions.