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Artificial intelligence is one of those excellent ways to work smarter and not harder.  On that note, have a look at top Google AI tools that everybody should learn in 2022.


ML Kit is one of the best tools that mobile app creators can ask for. Storage, coding skills, etc. are something that need not be bothered about. Be it tracking events or surveys, ML Kit has got you covered. There is nothing to worry about as generic problems are already solved by this exceptional AI tool.


CoLaboratory is that Google AI tool that boasts of an ability to open access to the developing files. Here, you can work in the same file at the same time. Yet another exceptional feature of this AI tool is that you do not have to depend on a local machine here. With CoLaboratory in place, efficiency is top class.


This Google AI tool is ideal for product development. This AI tool is not just simple but robust as well. TensorFlow boasts of research powers for experimental purposes. TensorFlow supports many programming languages including Python. This AI tool is fast, thus simplifying all those complicated tasks that you wanted to get done with.

Cloud AI

Cloud AI is that one Google AI tool that has gained recognition for its ability to implement machine learning capabilities into your business so that it is always ready to take on new challenges. With Cloud AI, businesses can use the already available models provided by Google. Well, not just that – they can customize the models as per their liking as well.

Google  Open Source

In the days when nobody is in favour of secured and secret code, Google Open Source turns out to be a blessing. This Google AI tool has to be your one-stop destination for creating some really cool and useful projects. One of the many remarkable features of this AI tool is that you can not only test your own code but also all other projects.

Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine

Machine learning forms the base of “Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine”. This AI tool has garnered attention from everywhere across because of its ability to train models on your data. Additionally, you can deploy and manage it as well.

Google Datasets Search

There is always a possibility that basic datasets aren’t fully good for requested purposes. Well, nothing to worry about – Google has got you covered. Google datasets search helps in finding the most relevant and big datasets for almost any task or query.

Cloud TPU

Cloud TPU is that one AI tool that Google makes use of in some of the most popular company products: Calendar, Gmail, etc. Cloud TPU serves to be a way to complete some large code computations with significant performance growth. With this being fast, robust and efficient, one can rely on it without any doubt.