Top 5 Free Minecraft Server Hosting Websites in 2022

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Minefort allows players to create their own online server within a matter of minutes. All players have to do is register and create an account. The server dashboard is easy to navigate and contains a ton of customizable settings. Hosts can add plugins, manage game files, tweak world settings and more.


Scalacube features free servers for a ton of different games, including Minecraft Java and Pocket Edition, Rust, Valheim, and Ark Survival Evolved. For Minecraft, it offers unlimited player slots, support for modpacks, multiple servers on one account, and plugin support.


FreeMcServer is another free server hosting that provides its users with high-speed and low latency servers. It offers two free plans that can be chosen by hosts. is a server hosting website that offers some free plans in its arsenal to cater to players who are unable to purchase paid plans. With 1 GB of allocated RAM, the server may sometimes lag when multiple people are playing on it.


Aternos is a free server hosting website that claims that it will stay free forever. With 2 GB of RAM allocated to each of its servers, players experience lag-free Minecraft gameplay. The website has several customization options and settings for each server, from the number of players and whitelists, to commands and custom world creation.

How to Setup Minecraft Gaming Server