SEO Checklist for Web Developers


Make sure you have an SSL in place and without any errors. Have the necessary safeguards to ensure the site has no vulnerabilities that allow for an injection, manipulated content, etc.

Response Codes 

Source and update any 3xx or 4xx codes. If you don’t need redirects, remove them.


If you don’t do anything else in your launch process, at least implement redirects.


Nothing matters in SEO if the site can’t get indexed and shown in search results.


XML sitemaps are our chance to ensure the search engines know about all of our pages.


Good URLs are concise, include words relevant to the page’s subject matter, are lower case, and have no characters, spaces, or underscores.

Site Speed

Site speed is important. Slow page loads and sites hurt UX and conversion rates. They also have an impact on SEO performance.

Heading Tags

Heading tags are great context clues for search engines.

Content Management & Dynamic Content

Having as many dynamic aspects like tagging, XML sitemap generation, redirects, and more can save you time and safeguard your site and code to keep everything stable.