New Version of cPanel’s Web Hosting Control Panel Has Now Been Released

The most exciting innovation and the most impressive new feature is Team Manager, a new interface that lets administrators form teams of users who can modify certain cPanel settings.

Let's Encrypt plugin will be included in the most recent version of the control panel, however, it won't be set to be the default.

cPanel announced the launch of a brand new version of its Web Hosting Control panel, just months after it announced the price increase in December.

This version, 108 is released about 3 months following version 106. It contains a number of improvements and changes.

Some New Features and Enhancements

It allows the creation of extra team members who are able to access and edit their cPanel accounts.

Members of the team are able to modify emails, domains, and databases.

The Jupiter theme has been replaced by that of the Paper Lantern motif in the Onboarding Assistant. 

Additionally, the standard set of "Allow secure email updates for contacts" on the Tweak Settings interface was modified in order to "off." 

This version of the Rocky Linux 8 operating system is fully supported in version 108.

Includes Let's Encrypt Plugin.

The system will set up the let's Encrypt plugin following the upgrade of the cPanel and WHM instances up to version 108.

Users can also immediately upgrade their MySQL 5.6 instances with the latest version of MariaDB.

To finally be displayed in the menus the Calendars and Contacts interfaces need an installation of the Calendar along with the Contacts Server (CSS) plugin to be installed.

The Paper Lantern theme has been removed from the interface menu options on cPanel and WHM 108. It's no longer available.

It is also the case that the PHP version won't appear in the server's information interface. The PHP version also disables Horde's Horde webmail interface as well as Horde settings.

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