Mastodon: The Twitter Alternative

Mastodon appears at first glance, essentially it is essentially a Twitter Clone.

Microblogging, a social media platform for microblogging, provides many of the features as Twitter.

This includes the ability to refer to other accounts, share content that is only accessible to your followers and publish content for the public to see.

Additionally, there's support for sharing multimedia content such as videos, images, and even the creation of polls.

Mastodon offers its users access to updates from their followers on an arranged news feed that addresses one of the main complaints.

Twitter users have experienced issues with the site in recent times.

Mastodon is open-source and free for users to use via a vast variety of mobile applications from third-party companies are free

Mastodon can be used via a desktop or an internet browser on mobile devices in the event that you don't wish to download an application.

Apps are accessible on every major platform which includes Android and iOS and there's the option of SailfishOS. And more.

Download the Mastodon official Mastodon application via either the Google Play Store or the App Store. You can also obviously, install one or more of the alternatives listed above.

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