Key Elements Of Successful YouTube Videos


Branded Intro Footage

Even though they might forget the actual content and the name of the video, remembering your branded footage will help direct viewers to your channel.

Keep Titles And Opening Credits Short

Did you know that about 20% of people will leave after the first 10 seconds of your YouTube video?

What’s even worse is that they might give you a thumbs down.

So, what do you do?

Build Trending Topics Into Your Video Content

Using trending topics is a tried and true method for successful link building and can also be applied to your video content.

Background Music

Including background music not only grabs attention instantly but sets the mood for the viewing session, establishing an emotional connection.

Being Clearly Audible

If your video includes an oral presentation, make sure you can be heard above the background music.

Brevity ( Video length)

YouTube allows users to search for videos based on duration, among other filters, we clearly can’t ignore the importance of video length in YouTube.

A Call to Action

You need to be creative about how you include your call to action because your audience will increasingly disappear over the course of your video.

Add End Screens To Promote Your Videos, Channel, Or Website

Design Video Thumbnails YouTube Users Want To Click

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