Instagram Stories Replay Repeat Loop Bug:- How to Fix the Instagram Bug

Instagram Stories Replay Repeat Loop Bug: If Instagram Stories have been acting up and you use an iPhone, just update the app to fix it.

Some Instagram users have been reporting that when they try to watch new Stories posted by fellow users, they instead get Stories they've already seen.

The company has acknowledged the bug and, on Wednesday, released an update for its iOS app to fix it.

The glitch, which seems to have started Monday, was reported by people who were using the Instagram app on iPhone, though it isn't clear how many users have been affected.

What's happening with Instagram Stories?

Reddit users began reporting they were being forced to rewatch all of someone's Instagram Stories every time a new one was added.

If your app has the bug, when someone you follow uploads a new Story, it'll still appear at the top of the screen with a red or green circle.

But instead of giving you their newest content, it runs a loop of every post from the beginning of their 24-hour Instagram Story cycle first.

How to Fix the Instagram Bug

Uploading the latest iteration of Instagram, Version 239.1, should remove the looping problem, the company said.

In the Apple app store, Instagram said the update "contains bug fixes and performance improvements."

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