How To Use Incognito Mode In Google Chrome On Android

Start the Chrome browser on an Android device.


Locate and press the 3-dot buttons for settings on the top.



Select "New Incognito tab."


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A new window appears and displays the Incognito icon beside the bar for URL. Google will welcome you with details about Incognito mode.


Press"plus" to open the new tab. Open a new Incognito tab by selecting the three dots menu.


Additionally, there's an option to block third-party cookies.

Cookies from third parties (say that are from Facebook as well as other platforms) enable companies to keep track of your activities on the internet to show you specific ads (via Google).

You can activate the feature to stop this monitoring and increase your privacy.

How do I get out of Incognito mode within Google Chrome on Android?

To quit your Incognito mode on Android it is necessary to close all active Incognito tabs.

Click the tiny "x" button on the tab preview in Google Chrome. Repeat this process until all tabs have been closed and Chrome goes back to the normal view of browsing.


You can also tap the three-dot icon on the top, and then "Close Incognito tabs," which will restore Chrome to its normal viewing view.


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