How to Use Google Maps to Find Fresher Air

Air quality changes from location-to-location, day-to-day, and sometimes, from hour-to-hour.

If you want to check the air in your area and perhaps find somewhere where it’s fresher it’s possible to do so using Google Maps.

How to check air quality using Google Maps

The air quality layer on Google Maps (on both Android and iOS) provides information on the conditions in your area, using data from sources including the Environmental Protection Agency.

1. Go to Google Maps 2. Tap on the box icon in the middle-right 3. Click on Air Quality to change the feature on the Maps 4. Tap on any AQI bubble to get full air quality data for the city/region


How to monitor wildfires

1. Search for a location or use your current one. 2. Then, select the Layers icon on the bottom left of the screen. 3. When it pops out with the options, choose More.


4. This opens the Layers window with the Wildfires layer for you to pick. 5. Once you select it, you’ll see a toggle at the bottom of the screen. You have the Wildfires layer turned on for the area.


Each reported wildfire is indicated by a red and white flame icon. Choose any of these icons to see additional information.