Google Play Games Beta for PC

Google Play Games Beta for PC

The company's overarching objective, according to Google, is to "meet players where they are and provide access to their games on as many devices as possible."

The beta testers reportedly voiced their delight about being able to play their favourite games on tablets, Chromebooks, and soon PCs running Android.

The library of Google Play Games beta for PC has expanded recently with the addition of new games like "1945 Air Force," "Blade Idle," "Cookie Run: Kingdom," and "Evony: The King's Return."

For those who are unaware, there are a number of minimal PC specifications needed for Play Games to function properly on PCs. 

These consist of desktop computers running Windows 10 or later that have integrated graphics and a CPU with at least four cores.

Players from the aforementioned locations can download the beta as long as their PCs meet the minimal requirements while we prepare for the final release. 

The search engine giant announces upcoming beta releases of new capabilities for Windows PCs and hints that access will soon be extended to more regions.

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