Google Just Revealed Another Totally New Operating System

Google is developing an operating system that can be embedded into applications that can run machine-learning algorithms.

KataOS is primarily focused on privacy and security by using open-source technology that was specifically designed for this purpose.

The latest project from the company is KataOS which is a very secured open-source operating system.

KataOS is the primary base of Project Sparrow that combines the latest OS with a secure hardware platform that powers integrated devices running machine-learning (ML) software.

The hardware platform utilized by KataOS in the initially released release uses that of the Arm64 instruction set.

And the final release will be based on the RISC-V-based openTitan Silicon design, which is open source.

The KataOS platform is designed to protect users' privacy due to its proven secured components.

The public repository for Project Sparrow contains most of the KataOS essential pieces.

KataOS is a different venture that is in the OS space.

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Checkout Top Google Cloud Platform Certification