Google Assistant Rolls Out New Support

Google is working to make their Assistant feature more targeted towards children. This includes the ability to support a kid-friendly voice as well as a variety of parental control.

The idea is to enable children to become more open about things like having chats with friendly people like Google's assistant.

Parents are also encouraged to decide on the services that can be used by their children via the Assistant program of the company.

Google states that the new kid-friendly voice feature on Google Assistant allows users to speak slowly and with super expressive ways that aid in storytelling and improves comprehension too.

The kids can use their voices by assisting the assistant in changing their voice so that it's more sociable across the board.

Google has announced that such features are accompanied by stunning and colorful kid-friendly titles.

This is the reason why the entire process of changing the voice of an Assistant is more entertaining and enjoyable.

Users will need Google Accounts via Family Link and Voice Match to better utilize these services.

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