Free Online Barcode Generator

iBarcoder is for MAC users.

2D and 3D barcoding facilities.

Customizable dimension with code generation.

Custom level design and level template.

2D barcoding and 3D barcode generation.

QR scanning

Inventory system for inventory management.

This software is for MAC operating system.

It is free to try with watermark limitations.

It also supports 2D and 3D barcoding

Level template with serial number tracking.

Label Flow can print code labels from various standards.

You can print 1D and 2D barcodes.

From an existing application, it can print code directly.

Morovia is a simple barcode generator website. You can even use Morovia for generating QR codes.

TECIT is a free online best barcode generating software. Using the free barcode maker, you can generate and use barcode for commercial purposes.

Cognex have a range of barcodes, which are linear codes, 2D codes, mobile tagging, EAN/UPC, ISBN codes, business cards, event barcodes, and Wi-Fi barcodes.