Facebook’s Meta Morphosis Has Already Flopped

A few years ago in a galaxy too distant, the Corporate exoplanet Mark Zuckerberg read the floor and didn't like the things he saw and bet on the company investing all-in in the new metaverse.

Mark Zuckerberg's Meta move was a sensible one certainly. 

The game of rebranding was an efficient (if not completely transparent) devious tactic to detach from the constant assault Facebook took from every direction in its online social media mistakes.

Zuck was convinced that only he and billions of his followers would ensure success in persuading the world.

To follow him and his stagnant business into a brand new, immersive virtual reality world that was social.

However, something did happen during the journey to Zuck's new digitally powered and immersive destination. 

It's been a little more than a year has passed since Facebook's transition to Meta and now, it all appears to be a huge failure.

Meta's third-quarter results were disappointing and revenue was down by 4 percent year-over-year.

It was the accelerated growth promised by Meta which dragged the company into a downward spiral. 

This segment of the business suffered losses of $3.6 billion in the quarter that ended in the third quarter which is more than $2.6 billion of losses it suffered one year ago.

The departure from Meta is being accelerated by the inability to accept responsibility even when there's no money involved.

It's not good for those who believed in ever-growing growth when they justified their commitment to Instagram.

Facebook and their well-documented parade of horrendous events (teenage depression, the destruction of society) through stock options.

Which were meant to ensure wealth and allow the company to eventually "cut and run."

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Instagram to Launch  NFT Marketplace