Best YouTube SEO Tools

Automatic search suggestions

Great for basic keyword research

Easy and free to use.

YouTube Search Autocomplete

Learn what questions people have about a topic

Works rather quickly for a free tool

Helps you become a trusted authority in your industry or niche.

Answer The Public 

Track your channel’s progress and signals you to what is (or isn’t) working.

Judge how well your video content strategy is working in real-time.

YouTube Analytics

Easily find search volume for millions of searches

Predict competition for different keywords

Google Keyword Planner

Instantly returns hundreds of keywords with search volume and more data.

Can be divided into simple queries, questions, and other types of search entries.

Easy video tags suggestions

Intuitive design and layout

Video title recommendations


Find keywords, audit your YouTube channel, and more.

Returns dozens of keyword suggestions for YouTube tags (hundreds if you have the paid version)

Keyword suggestions organized by country, has a tab to see keywords in the form of a question.

Ahrefs YouTube Keyword Tool

Easily create professional and appealing video thumbnails

Free version is very robust


Access to thousands of templates and stock photos.