Google Analytics Courses

Google Analytics Course for Beginners

Fundamentals of Google Analytics by Jeff Sauer

It breaks down user demographics and you’ll also learn how to create a useful dashboard that makes it easy to analyze your data and meet the goals you’ve set for your website. 

Google Analytics Essential Training by LinkedIn Learning

Offered by LinkedIn Learning, this is another ideal course for individuals just getting started with Google Analytics. It covers the fundamentals, along with UI, data filtering and reports.

Ultimate Google Analytics Course + 50 Practical Tips by Pavel Brecik

Its provides an inside look at how Google Analytics collects data. You will also learn more about segmentation and data analysis using the tool. 

Intermediate Google Analytics Courses

Google Analytics for Small Business by Udemy

This course is ideal for small business owners who want to gain a better understanding of analytics from website data.

Google Analytics Mastery with Remarketing on Google Adwords by Udemy

This highly-rated course from Udemy focuses on web and marketing data in Google Analytics.

Google Analytics: Spam Proofing by LinkedIn Learning

This course shares effective solutions so you can generate reports that provide an authentic look at the visitor activity on your website.

Advanced Google Analytics Courses

Advanced Google Analytics by LinkedIn Learning

There are 7 modules on a host of topics, including data measurements, views, filters, view filters, events, advanced features and segmentation.

Advanced Google Analytics Course + 77 Practical Questions by Udemy

It’s a Udemy bestseller designed for Google Analytics users who want to enhance their knowledge. 

Google Analytics Certification: Become Certified and Earn More by Udemy

This course will help you prepare so you can sit for the exam with confidence, pass with flying colors and advance your business or career.