Best Google Analytics Alternatives

Best Google Analytics Alternatives


Track traffic from multiple websites, including your competitors.

Reveal users’ interests and brand preferences.

Track your subdomain’s metrics.

SE Ranking

The tool helps you find out exactly who’s visiting your site, where you’re getting traffic from, and track the most important metrics of your website and your competitors.


The tool provides a lot of data based on time spent on a page, bounce rates, top-performing web pages, traffic from specific sources, conversions, devices and software used, demographic and social data.


Analyses all data: Unlike Google Analytics, Matomo tracks all user data to offer accurate results.


Smartlook is another great alternative to Google Analytics that helps you record users on websites and in mobile apps.


HubSpot offers CRM-powered marketing, which includes website analytics. You'll be able to view data on traffic sources, page performance, conversions, and more.


Real-time reporting

Heatmap tracking

Backlink analysis

Mobile compatibility