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Virtual Private Servers And Their Benefits

If you have ever created a website then the chances are, you have already heard of VPS or Virtual Private Servers.

A website is stored on and served from a web server. A web server is just like a PC, the only difference being it is installed with some unique software and is dedicated to being used for hosting websites.

Web servers are of many kinds, the normal ones that every beginner signs up for is called shared servers or shared host.

These servers are low powered and are not considered good for heavy websites. Multiple websites are hosted on a single shared web hosting server.

Dedicated web servers are good for heavy websites with high traffic but cost a lot of money, which can be pretty hard for people who are not running a big business.

VPS or Virtual Private Servers come into the scene when a webmaster wants a powerful host with his space and does not have enough money to purchase a dedicated server.

What is VPS Hosting and Why Are Virtual Private Servers So Powerful?

The main reason why Virtual Private Servers (VPS) considered good is that they give websites a dedicated and non-interfering space.

Virtual Private Servers not hosted on dedicated PCs. Instead, a single physical server is assigned several VPS. Still, a VPS does not get affected by the traffic or processing of other websites hosted on the same physical server.

In layman terms, VPS is like a virtual PC running on a host computer. Each VPS on a physical server has its reserved resources.

Virtual Private Servers Are Flexible

Virtual Private servers

One big advantage Virtual Private Servers have over dedicated servers is of flexibility.

It is not possible for a webmaster to change the resources of his dedicated web host without transferring the website on a temporary disk.

But in case of a VPS, you can do that. Resources of Virtual Private Servers can be increased or decreases with a few clicks only. Moreover,

you only have to pay for the resources you are currently using.

However, a beginner with no coding experience can feel difficulty while setting up a VPS. Generally,

web hosting companies do not give free cPanel with Virtual Private Servers. Moreover, in case of VPS, you have to take care of everything.

1. Increase Reliability

Virtual Private servers

Virtual server hosting comes in Shared hosting, Managed VPS, and dedicated VPS hosting.

Now, you have to select the right hosting for your projects. VPS hosting is an upgraded technology of regular hosting, which gives you extra power and reliability compared to regular hosting.

1: VPS comes in Linux VPS hosting and Windows hosting, but it won’t make much of the difference if you want to run shopping websites.

2: VPS technology eliminates plenty of manual work that causes errors and slows down the server over time. Many companies run more than 100,000 servers every day, but each server runs for days without getting rest, but it doesn’t slow down at all. VPS technology designed to endure pressure and run without any rest for weeks.

3: VPS technology has better software management, where it has inbuilt tools to manage and keep the servers cool. If the server is heating up, then the software will manage it and give the balanced to keep it cool and does not impact on performance at all.

A lot of users have the misconception that VPS is perfect, but there’s also another side of the coin.

1: VPS is a powerful hosting server, but it also depends on the provider as well. If the providers want to increase their margins, then they have to compromise on the quality and performance.


The hosting providers, who have in-house servers add budget servers that assembled from low-end parts. Companies like Dell, Samsung, and other reputed manufacturers sell quality and high-end servers for a high price.

VPS Hosting Server Cost Example: The cost of a high-end server would go way up Rs.700,000, and the cost of VPS hosting is higher than regular hosting.

virtual private server

Regular Hosting Server Cost Example: Dell has manufactured budget-range regular server to host websites or use them in the small companies to operate various management tools.

Virtual private server

The above images and explanation is an example to show you how things work in the industry.

We are trying to educate you that every company does not maintain the same quality or cheap VPS server.

Only a few out of many maintain quality because they want you to be happy.

The cost of the infrastructure and margins on each package goes down significantly, which forces the hand of many small hosting companies to provide low-end VPS server hosting.

We recommend you to try YouStable Managed VPS hosting service, which built on quality at a reasonable price.

2. Gain Total Control of the Server

Virtual Private servers

Virtual server hosting companies prefer to add two types of control panels.

The custom control panel enables you to take full control of your VPS hosting without compromising on the features.

Many reputed companies rely on the cPanel because the cPanel developers work on the RND (research and development) where they improve features and stability.

According to my experience, cPanel hosting is the best VPS hosting, while custom control panel does not justify the price unless they have in-house RND team.

3. Increase Efficiency on a Green Platform

Virtual Private servers

Green VPS hosting run on the technology of Virsh KVM virtualisation platform. The virtualisation enables the software to create multiple VPS’s on a single server.

You can also manage, license, create, and reboot each virtual server without interrupting other virtual servers.

Each virtual server act as an independent server, thus rebooting does not affect other virtual servers.

Green Platform stands for energy efficiency technology, virtualisation technology, and manageability when compared to regular hosting servers.

Eco-friendly servers cut down the number of servers used in the past and give you 10x times better performance than traditional servers.

4. Instantly Scale Resources

Virtual Private servers

Many reputed VPS hosting companies prepare themselves to take on the challenging needs of the customers.

They have inbuilt tools and design their servers to jump from one package to another package without moving the files or making any changes to the Virtual Server.

The management software enables the IT team to upgrade your package in the Virtual Server without making any changes in the core files of your project.

Instant scale resources are possible in major companies like Bluehost, YouStable, Dream host, GoDaddy, and more.

5. VPS Hosting vs Hybrid Servers

Virtual Private servers

Many of you have an idea on what Virtual Private Server stands for, but a lot of you may not even hear of the name Hybrid Servers.

We are going to break down a straight and simple explanation between Hybrid and VPS servers.

Dedicated Server Hosting:

Major websites like Amazon have dedicated servers running in the Amazon headquarters to give you High Performance, and Speed.

Dedicated servers are meant for one customer, and no other client or customer can get space in the Dedicated Servers.

Virtual Servers Hosting:

A single high-end server that creates multiple virtual servers in one physical server.

The software and hardware combined give you a balanced performance without spending too much energy, resources, and space.

One of the major reasons why VPS is powerful because it can run 100’s websites under a budget

(Space, Energy, and less number of servers) compared to a dedicated server and Hybrid server.

Hybrid Servers Hosting:

The combination of a dedicated server and the Virtual private server makes a Hybrid Server.

The Hybrid server comes with all basic tools and interface of the VPS and dedicated server,

but the cost of the Hybrid server is high, and it takes plenty of energy and space compared to VPS.

No one can deny that the Hybrid Server doesn’t offer more power as a Dedicated Server, but it is powerful than Virtual Server.


You have to select reputed VPS provider, or you may end up with cheap VPS server providers that lack power and overloaded machine.

Let us know what do you think about it in the comment section below.

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