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7 Mistakes To Avoid While Making Your Next Promotional Video in 2021

The trends in digital marketing are prone to various global influences. In the current digital time, promotional videos are a great way to gain viewers and visit your business page.

Videos are the most viewed content online because of their explanatory and interactive nature. 

The mix of audio and video can influence consumers, which can convince them of the decisions that favour you.

A promo video can be of any type, which would depend on the type of your business. However, there are a few mistakes that video-makers are prone to make, which can reduce your success rates.

Promotional Video

Putting Too Much In One Video

Shorter videos are indeed more viewed than longer ones. It’s always encouraged to keep your promo videos as short as possible. However, you must be careful that there is no overload of information. 

Take care to make your video precise and to-the-point. Too many facts and knowledge within a few minutes can lead to confusion among your viewers.

Whatever the length of your video, make sure to keep it interesting, clear, and worth the viewer’s time.

When the video has a title, you should stick to information that revolves around it. Nothing more and nothing less!

Over-stressing on Production

Many a time, video-makers tend to highlight the production process of the video.

They want to amplify some skills or special effects which can be unnecessary to your video’s context. 

Great Example Video Ads Collections

A good video should be seamless in its editing and features, which should convey precisely what the viewer can easily understand.

Overused dialogues, actions, and animations may sometimes destroy the core power of your video. 

Glitches on Different Devices

Various video-makers create the video on a particular device and upload it directly without considering how it would play out on different devices.

Keep in mind that your viewers can access your video anywhere, be it a mobile phone, laptop, or a smart TV. 

Your video must play without any interruption in all these devices. Different devices can lead to varying quality in sound and audio.

These technical errors can easily be avoided by proper editing and using appropriate apps for converting for videos aptly for all platforms.

Incomplete Editing- Music and Transition

Editing a video is a crucial step in production. This would involve cutting out unnecessary parts of the video and making smooth transitions to the next clip.

These transitions should feel effortless and perfectly blending for the viewer. 

The audio and video should be in complete sync with each other, especially when you are doing voice overs or background scores.

Pro-editing techniques can significantly enhance your video, while a wrong or incomplete editing can heavily reduce it.

Skipping Call-to-Action

You must have a purpose while making a video and it’s crucial to translate this through your CTAs.

Your viewers watching a video should result in specific quantitative results, which can increase your subscribers and increase page visits or app downloads. 

You must indicate this to your viewers creatively such that they are willing to do it. It will be a complete waste of your content if you skip the CTA.

Make sure to include it in some way to your viewers at any time in your video.

Working without a Video Concept

The greatest root mistake that video makers often do is to work without a concept. A predefined plan or concept of the video is like a blueprint of your video.

It doesn’t matter what the length of your video is, but you should pre-plan what comes first, how the next scene will go, and what has to be said in the background. 

This concept will be the framework of your content, which shall determine what you need for the video and how you should progress with it.

The idea should be clear and without any loopholes for the best content within your frame of time.

Not Focusing on Promotion

Not focusing on the promotion of your videos can cost you too much in the long haul. The competition in the market for content is fierce, and it can be very difficult to gain an audience without asking for it. 

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram can boost views to a high level.

Make use of the business features on these platforms. Social media promotion should be a crucial part of your marketing plan. 

Making teasers and campaigns can also widely influence the views of your work. Share the video as widely as possible across all your links to gain maximum attention and credit for your hard work!


Various apps and websites can help you make and edit great videos like Video Creek, Viva Media, and many more.

Video marketing is a flourishing industry and can work out amazingly for various promotions. Doing it right can earn you a lot of applause and boost your visibility to a great extent. Make sure to learn from your mistakes in the long run.

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