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I have been asked by our free hosting clients that ” How to upload my website is hosting account” and its really hard to answer same ticket again and again so just because of that this post is here. If you already have a website and want to upload it on our free hosting server then there is best options for that,

1. Upload using file manager

After creating free hosting account at GoogieHost you need to login to your Control Panel and open your file manager to access files on your hosting account. Before uploading anything you need to put all your files in zip folder then right click anywhere in file manager to get UPLOAD option.

upload website

Now select your zip file which has your website files and it will be uploaded within few seconds or minute depending on size. After uploading right click on zip file and extract all files in your public_html directory. And if you have MySQL database you need to create database and restore it from phpMyAdmin.


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