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Web hosting has become an important aspect in this generation for many website founders because it gives you the freedom to upload anything on the website and reach the people around the world. But, the prices have increased over the years just like Turnkey web hosting. In this article we are going to show you 3 Best turnkey Alternatives.

Turnkey web hosting services have earned many customers trust over the years, but not everything in the world is perfect, and Turnkey is no exception to it. It is extremely important for everyone to prepare few alternatives so that they can look for the web hosting services for different requirements.

There are many web hosting providers in the world, but we have selected only a few on the list. Over the years, we have experienced many web hosting services, and we can tell you things that you never knew about web hosting.

We are going to suggest you three Turnkey alternatives, so you can fulfil your requirements when Turnsket doesn’t meet your end.

Note: You only hear about HostGator, BigRock, iPage, Domain.com, ResellerClub, LogicBoxes, DirectI, and many other sites, and I will reveal why as well. So read the article till the end because I will reveal shocking information to you.

Turnkey Alternatives No.1 YOUSTABLE

Turnkey Alternatives

YouStable founded by an exceptional Indian Blogger, who faced tremendous issues with the modern web hosting services when he was looking to start his first blog. Yes, YouStable web hosting founded to solve a problem.

The YouStable web hosting company provides quality servers with decent customer care service at an affordable price, when you compare to the competition. It isn’t founded to make profits, but it was a mission to provide decent web hosting services to an average consumer.

What makes YouStable different from the rest of the web hosting companies?

  • The shared hosting price starts from $2.49 per month, and the highest unlimited package starts from $9.99 a month.
  • In the shared hosting category, no web hosting company is offering SSD storage space. In simple words, SSD is faster than a regular
  • There is no web hosting company in the world that is offering “Basic On-Page SEO” for the basic package, and “Advance SEO + Business listing” in the highest package. The on-page SEO feature offered because the founder wants to help the new customer to get visibility on the Internet.
  • The YouStable is offering a free SSL Certificate on any package you subscribe on the platform.

The above features and services offered to you are unique and unbeatable keeping the pricing in mind.

The additional features you get from YouStable are,

  • You get 24/7 customer care service. Voice customer care, Email support, and Complaint ticket system support as well.
  • You have more packages like Managed web hosting, VPS web hosting, Cloud web hosting, and dedicated server web hosting services.
  • It is a registered company under India’s 1956 companies act. It’s not a random company, but a company recognised by the Indian Government.
  • Marketing solutions & web design as well.


Turnkey Alternatives No.2 INTERSERVER

Turnkey Alternatives

InterServer is an advanced web hosting service based in the USA. I call it the most underrated web hosting service in the world because it is one of the advanced inexpensive webs hosting in the world. There’s one more company called “DreamHost,” but it’s overpriced in my opinion, but a great web hosting service as well.

InterServer offers affordable web hosting services to anyone who wants to select a data centre in the UK or USA. It offers a variety of web hosting solution like Shared, VPS, Cloud, Managed, Dedicated, Pro hosting, PHP hosting, ASP.NET hosting, and more.

Overall, it offers basic to advance level packages.

What makes InterServer different from the rest of the web hosting companies?

  • It offers a price lock offer of $5 a month. What does price lock mean? Well, the price $5 per month won’t change even after a year or five years. Yes, you have to pay the same price even after a year. While another provider will increase the price with time.
  • You get free website migration – Yes, they do it for free of cost.
  • You get unlimited email accounts, which is unique with 450+ Cloud Apps. I call it a bonus!
  • Website phishing and hacking have increased, but InterShield protection is enabled. So security is tight for sure.
  • The InterServer Company use SSD storage on their servers so that the speed will be good.

I have listed a few of many features, and there are more.

  • In case, if you are looking for a website builder, then don’t worry because InterServer offers SitePad website builder for free.
  • 24/7 voice support, so you can contact the team to resolve a problem. You also get 24/7 email support as well.

I could have listed more features, but this is enough to explain InterServer capacity.


Turnkey Alternatives No.3 BLUEHOST

Turnkey Alternatives

There’s no introduction is needed for BlueHost because they are a pioneer in the web hosting business. They are in the business for a decade now, and they have more than 10 million paying customers today. It is a multi-million dollar company started by a hardware store owner Matt Heaton.

Matt Heaton started the company BlueHost after selling the hardware store to someone else to concentrate on his start-up company.

What makes BlueHost different from the rest of the web hosting companies?

  • The starting price of shared hosting is $3.95 a month, and the highest price is $5.95 a month.
  • Bluehost offers SSD Storage space on their website hosting packages.
  • Unmetered bandwidth, which is good for Bloggers and Video sharing websites.
  • Just like YouStable, BlueHost offers a free SSL certificate to the users for life. As long as you subscribe to their package, you are free to use the certificate.
  • Security should not be an issue because they have secure servers.

The servers used in the shared web hosting packages are standard.

  • You get 24/7 voice customer support and email support.

BlueHost is worth your time and money, so consider it after comparing it to YouStable and InterServer.



Did you know that BlueHost owned by Endurance International Group, and they also own HostGator, iPage, BigRock, ResellerClub, and many more brands! They bought the web hosting market, so they can play monopoly games, which is not good for the customers.

It is one of the major reasons why web hosting companies like YouStable, InterServer, DreamHost, and many reputed companies are not popular. Endurance International Group has a lot of money to spend on advertisements and network to compete against the competition.


In India, HostGator customer care and BlueHost customer care are the same. Both brands customer care operated by the same team, and that’s the reality. Let us know what do you think about the Turnkey alternatives in the comment section below.

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