Top Free SSL Certificates providers to secure your website

When it comes to website security, you will need to build a trustworthy platform for gaining new visitor and keeping your traffic flowing. The best way to show that your site is a secure one is that you will need to have an HTTPS rather than just having an HTTP extension.

An HTTPS protocol doesn’t only provide you with a secure platform but also helps you with better ranking factors. And to get your website into HTTPS you will need to get SSL Certificates running on your site.

So, if you are going to try a Free SSL Certificate then you will need a few know which SSL certificate providers are the best to choose from. Here is a list of few free SSL Certificate provider that can help your get going.

Free SSL Certificate Provider

Let’s Encrypt

LetsEncrypt Free SSL

When it comes to free but effective SSL certificate provider, who can do it better than Let’s Encrypt. It is a free open certificate authority and also automated which was launched by ISRG better known as Internet Security Research Group which is a non-profit organization. Manage your site certification in few easy ways by simply typing in commands. If you are not new to maintaining a certificate you will know how hard it is to maintain one.

But with Let’s Encrypt you will be free from all the hassle like complicated configuration editing, No validation emails and no headache of expired certificates breaking your email. You can enjoy a lot of features from this free SSL certificate source, few of the features are like:


  • Zero Cost, so you don’t have to worry spending a penny with Let’s Encrypt even while you will be getting the best SSL certificates.
  • Let’s Encrypt works automatically with your Websites software’s which can help the certificates to be obtained, configured and updated, and all this will be done automatically without any a headache.
  • Even if Let’s Encrypt offers certificates for free you don’t have to worry about the security. Secure your site with Let’s Encrypt’s advancing TLS security which works both for the CA and with the site operators who can work securely on the server.
  • You can easily track and see which certificate has been revoked or issued on a public record.
  • All the certificates from Let’s Encrypt are supported on many browsers.

CloudFlare SSL

CloudFlare Free SSL

CloudFlare is yet another free SSL certificate provider which is supported by many browsers. Cloud flare provides your website with secure and faster access to their free SSL certificates. And with free Cloud Flares, universal certificate users will be able to automatically active their SSL.

But if you are facing problem while activating your SSL then this is how you can do it.

  1. You will first need to login into your Cloud flare account.
  2. Now type in or select the Website that you need to activate the SSL on.
  3. Now you will need to tap on the Crypto icon.
  4. Now select the option “Flexible” and “Active Certificate” as in the status.


  • The modern Cloud Flare SSL can help you increase your site speed.
  • Boost your ranking with the secure HTTPS and advanced SSL certification.
  • PCI compliance which can only be achieved through a good SSL certification.
  • Cloud Flare helps you block malicious traffic from entering into your website.

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Instant SSL

Instant SSL by Comodo

Instant SSL is a great source for free SSL certificates. With dedicated customer services, high level of encryption, unlimited server licenses and much more, you can be sure to have a fast running site on your hand.


  • Free SSL Certification.
  • Supports 99.99% the web and mobile browsers.
  • Fully adequate with business certificates.
  • With 256-bit encryption enjoy high strength 2048-bit signatures.
  • Get an unlimited number of server licenses.

StartSSL Free

StartSSL Free Certificate

Offering free SSL certificates, StartCOm has come up with StartSSL free which offers free SSL certificate to any domain users. These certificates are Class 1 X.509 certificates which are great for both E-mail encryption and web servers. You can also get the Class 2 and Class 3 certificates which are well-extended validation certificates.

There are also a few mentionable features that StartSSL Free offers users with.


  • Class 1 DV certificates which will be available for up to 10 domains.
  • Class 1 Email Validation which will be available for MIME/S certificates)
  • And these best part is that all these certificates will have a valid for 3 years.

So these where the list of few of the best free SSL Certificate provides which you can get for free. Now you can secure your website with these certificates and even without paying a penny for it.

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