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Best 5 Free Hosting and Domain Provider In 2022

If we talk about the two main ingredients to get a website running, you know domain and hosting are the ones.

Free unlimited hosting is no longer an issue in the year 2022 because you’ve got millions of services online, promising to provide you free unlimited bandwidth web hosting with a free 100% domain name.

The difficult part, however, is to choose the right one because the majority of the unlimited free hosting with cPanel services come with major flaws that you don’t want to discover the hard way.

Let’s face it, absolutely free hosting with no downsides doesn’t sound possible because the company have to set up the hosting and maintain it with the minimum error.

Generally, the common compromise you make is downtime.

What we have done here, is shortlisting the 5 best free hostings and domain, providers.

They are the ones with the best services with little flaws. You will receive the maximum number of features like Free Hosting cPanel and other important features.

#1. GoogieHost Free hosting


We are aware that the company is ours and we are promoting ourselves. We are confident; we are providing features that any free server hosting company can offer.

GoogieHost was an initiative started by an Indian blogger Mr. Rajesh Chauhan and Mr. Aman Singh hoping to provide free hosting to every small business in all parts of the world.

Let us take a look at what our company has to offer.

We provide a free subdomain and you can create unlimited subdomains using the domains available in your account for free.

The popular cPanel “DirectAdmin” is here, now as the primary control panel. It is easier to navigate and use. 1000MB SSD boosted space for every free hosting and to handle good traffic we offer bandwidth with 100MBPS uplink.

The free website builder of Googiehost, though free, comes loaded with the highest quality tools and features paid ones offer.

Apart from the excellent feature, the web hosting provider actually takes care of your site.

Googiehost doesn’t force their ads on your website; it makes money from the packages they offer for premium hosting. We provide an SSL certificate, free of cost, and there is no renewal cost of that certificate.

Chat and Support

We actually provide help and support 24/7 unlike the majority of the free web hosting and domain providers.

We have built a knowledgeable base of tutorials, blogs, and forums and you can ask an expert for instant help. You can opt for premium help at just 50 cents.

Googiehost has one of the best track records in providing service and support of all the free web hosting providers worldwide.

It’s because Googiehost was started originally to help the small businesses worldwide free web host their site though we have expanded to premium packages.

I have personally checked the service as an individual without the team learning about my identity, Googiehost provides decent service. Uptime is average but better than others.

GoogieHost Features Highlights

  • 100OMB SSD Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited FTP, E-mails, Database, etc.
  • Unique Referral Program
  • SSH Access (root access)
  • Free Controle Panel (Direct Admin)
  • Responsive Control Panel
  • 99% Server Uptime
  • 24X7 E-mail Support
  • 50 cent ticket support

#2. 000Webhost


000Webhost is providing services since 2006, initially started as a subsidiary to Hostinger.

They are popular, and they are reputed for providing web hosting all over the world for a decade now.

000Webhost claims itself to be a leader in the field of free web hosting. When it started back a decade it surely was a go-to service provider.

But now this is no longer true. Now if you get hosting from here, you will have to face many problems, because now this hosting provider does not provide the same service as before.

Experience with 000Webhost isn’t hassle-free but it is a great option for testing and the learning curve is steep.

According to web hosting experts, 000webhost company used to give good service in the beginning, but now nobody likes this company, Because now neither their servers uptime remain right. Nor their features.

The bandwidth isn’t unlimited but 10GB should suffice for moderate traffic. With the same account, you’re allowed to host two sites however you’re using the same bandwidth allowance.

Don’t worry about the service support PHP and MySQL. However, you get auto installation only for WordPress. Good news for WordPress users, right?

Your site is off the internet for one hour, you get to choose at what time.

Now the hassle I was talking about is essentially the annoying pop-ups about upgrading to a premium account, the crashing up issues and lacking native site builder.

000Webhost doesn’t enable creating an email account. It lets you provide 5 email forwarders if that is any relief.

The support and help service is intermediate. There are no guided web manuals, no tech support.

You can post your question on a community forum and there is discord chat for the clients.

About Company – Not a lot of users know this, but 000Webhost is around since 2006 and Hostinger are using their services to provide the free hosting services.

The 000webhost primary goal was to provide free hosting service, and they started to add display advertisements on the control panel to provide quality services to this date.

The Support – No support for free users,

but they don’t have a support team because they do not have the funds to get a support team for free-users.

You can use their services if you know the technical area.

Service – Unfortunately, it does not have good service because the uptime is very bad.

They have also mentioned on their site that the servers sleep for an hour (To give the servers the rest they deserve.)

Conclusion – When I have used the 000Webhost and Hostinger, they both had horrible uptime. The site was going under maintenance every five minutes, which is the saddest part, so I had to go for the premium version.


  • 1 GB Disk Space
  • 10GB Bandwidth
  • Decent Speed


  • Email Forwarding Only
  • One Hour Daily Downtime
  • Little Customer support

#3. FreeHosting


A very old web hosting provider, Freehosting did make it to our list but there are many downsides, one being that Freehosting isn’t totally free. Started 21 years,

this company has been unable to keep up with the fast change technology witness every day. Nevertheless, FreeHosting doesn’t come without some salient features.

10GB HDD might seem enough storage though HDD means you’ve to compensate this with the slower speed. 250 GB bandwidth is probably the best part of the deal.

The website builder is decent providing templates but they suffice only beginner’s needs.

One thing worth noting is that 10GB storage means it is more probable that you will be able to save backups.

No ads are a good thing and like other services, this one provides Softaculas Auto Installer too.

Now the real thing is, Freehosting isn’t technically free. You get the hosting for free but you’ve to pay a little less than 13 dollars for registering a domain.

It would have been similar if you were getting free domains and hosting and you pay annually for the plan.

About Company – The company exist since, for years, they are well-known in the industry because everyone likes free stuff. The goal was to attract people using free hosting service and charge them $12 for domain registration

The support – On the official site, they have claimed to provide 24/7 customer support, but it takes longer to get a response to technical problems.

Not only that it is common that your complaint ticket will be closed without a solution and your consent.

So, I’d say if you are an expert on the website and hosting account, then proceed or else, move to another platform.

Service – The company allows you to access many tools and services, but the site speed is slow. Do not worry about the advertisements because they have not added any display advertisements to the control panel.

FreeHosting Highlights:


  • 10 GB Disk Space
  • 250 GB Bandwidth
  • 1 Email Account
  • FTP and cPanel Access
  • 1 MySQL database
  • Easy Website Builder Powerful & Dynamic


  • Slow Speed
  • 12 dollars for a domain
  • HDD instead of SSD disk space

If you are a beginner, then you better stay away from it because it has too many limitations.

#4. FreeHostia


If you’re a beginner and your needs basic, Freehostia should suffice for your experiments. But I may repeat basic use only.

Freehostia is a USA based company, with its data centre located in Chicago. It was started in 2005 to provide free web hosting.

The premium plans start pretty expensively. Googiehost is what you should check out if you’re considering paid plans, because 2 dollars seems okay, right?

The disk space is 250 MB, low of course. And they provide 6 GB of bandwidth. 3 email accounts are a good thing though.

The experience on Freehostia is going to suck if you encounter a problem, which you will very soon after you start using Freehostia for web hosting because of the help and support service rounds to zero.

About Company – The company aims to become the pioneer of the industry by providing cloud hosting for free of cost. They have amazing service, but limited services.

The support – They don’t provide any customer support, and they don’t even provide email support. If you are an expert, then go for it or else, you can for Googiehost.

Service – Fortunately it has CMS (Content Management System) which enables you to install Wordpress, Joomla, and other CMS.

If you are into blogging and build a business website, then we recommend you go for it. If your requirement is a dynamic website, then you better quit.

Conclusion – FreeHostia is an amazing hosting site, but you have to keep in mind that they don’t have a support team,

so keep a backup, whenever the site fails to create a new hosting account and move the backup to the new account.


  • 3 E-mails, FTP, Database, etc.
  • 5 Domain Names
  • 99.9% Server Uptime


  • 250 MB Disk Space
  • 6 GB Bandwidth
  • Bad Support Service

Freehostia is clearly not an option to consider for a serious website. Beginners are welcome, however.

#4. FreeHostia

Best 5 Free Hosting and Domain Provider In 2022

If you’ve heard of the drag and drop site builder, there are very good chances you’ve heard of Wix, and vice versa.

Wix is not far from a boon for you if you keep your distance from coding for good and just want a basic site.

This has to reason for Wix hosting more than 160 million sites today, less than a decade and a half after it was started in 2006.

One is guaranteed never to get bored with, rather overwhelmed by more than 500 templates to choose from your site.

On Wix, you don’t code your site, you choose from the templates available, pretty annoying for the computer geeks, right?

Without further ado, let’s get to what Wix has to offer.

Wix is only good for a basic website because it offers only 500mb storage in the free version.

The bandwidth is also made for low traffic, 500mb. Email? Yes. Website builder? Yes, of course.

There are tools for helping you with SEO. Also, if you just want a site to quickly load and display your little creations and manage small deals, you’re in luck. Wix is mobile optimized.

Wix is for small stores, restaurants, small artists and photographers. It is free, has a lot of option, and is good enough in the mobile version too. The bottom line is, if Wix fits your needs, you are going to love it.


  • Hundreds of templates
  • Website Builder
  • Mobile-Optimized


  • Only 500 MB storage
  • Only 500 MB bandwidth
  • Only for basic needs
  • Isn’t recommended for uploading videos

As we said, choosing from the domain and web hosting providers can be a tricky part of setting up your website.

Now we have the list of top free website hosting services of all sorts with the features they are offering, we hope it makes the job a little easier. Good luck with your website!

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