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Top 5 false commitment of most of web host

Blogging and Internet Marketing is growing by leaps and bounds. With the growing number of internet users and websites, the number of Web Hosting companies is also growing rapidly. But can you believe all the promises which Web Hosting providers make?

This is the main reason behind writing this article just to make you aware about 5 false commitments of most of Web Hosting companies make to their customers. So, keep reading this detailed article till the end and stay safe. Before starting the main part of the article, I would like to tell you why a good Web Hosting is important for your site’s growth and online business.

Web Hosting SLA

Web Hosting is the base where your site stands on. This is something which you cannot see and touch so it all depends on your hosting provider how accurate, reliable and good service they offer. Yes, for any successful website or online business content, domain, branding, marketing etc. Are crucial but you cannot ignore the importance of a great hosting provider.

So, if you got the idea about the importance of Web Hosting now it’s time to look what are the false commitments most Web Hosting providers make to you:

Disk Space

  • Storage and Bandwidth: This is a very common lie told by hosting providers. If you ever see any Web Hosting provider saying unlimited storage don’t jump in joy but look closely the terms of service page of that hosting provider. The Unlimited storage has some hidden limits which they don’t mention directly just to make you hungry to buy their service. Same goes for Bandwidth, often you will see site down and other issues when your site traffic goes up. After that whenever you contact the customer care they will recommend you to upgrade the plan then what is the use of the UNLIMITED term here? So, double check before choosing any Web Hosting plan which say unlimited storage and bandwidth

Uptime Robot

  • 100% Uptime Guarantee: This is another lie which many Web Hosting providers make while buying hosting plans. Most of the hosting providers say 99%-100% uptime that means your site will not go offline at any time but is it really true? Not actually. Again if you see the terms of service document you can see there are some terms stated like, they are not responsible if the site goes offline in case of maintenance, DDOS attack or any other errors.

Chap Web Hosting Plans

  • Cheap hosting plans: If you visit any hosting site you will see they are saying about cheap plans starting something like $3-$5/month which means 70-90% discount on regular pricing. Yes you will get the hosting plans at that rate and get started but the real story starts when you are going to renew your hosting plan, they will charge you double than the price you paid while buying the plan at the very beginning. So, make sure you read all the details what is going to be charge after the first payment or at the time of renewal and don’t jump to buy.
  • Free Domain: Providing free domain with Web Hosting is another trap which the Web Hosting provider create to attract buyers. Yes, of course they provide a free domain typically for a year but they never mention how much you need to pay after 1 year. You can see at the time of renewal you have to pay more than the normal price which you can get at a cheaper price with any certified domain name registrar company.


  • Money back guarantee: Basically in most of the Web Hosting service providers they provide 30 days money back guarantee but the real problem starts after 30 days. Now, suppose you don’t like to worry about the hosting renewals every month and paid for 1 or 2 years in advance. In that case what you will do if you start facing downtimes and errors in hosting after the first 30 days money back guarantee is over? Isn’t it a matter of worry? Yes, they may make refund (Very rare) or fix the issues but what if the problem occurs again and again.

Now, I hope you have got all the ideas which false commitments of most of Web Hosting companies United States make to their buyers. So, be careful and check thrice before you buy any Web Hosting.

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