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Temok Web Host Review: More than a web hosting company

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If you want to create a website then the purchase of a web host is an inevitable thing unless you are to set up your own server. However, there are so many web hosting companies in the market that choosing a suitable service becomes quite difficult. Most of the web hosting services provide unreliable uptime, limited disk space, and low bandwidth, even if you are ready to pay a good amount of money.

A couple of years back a new company Temok launched its web hosting and domain registration services. Within just 2 years, the provider has earned a reputable place among webmasters. Temok will offer you a number of premium features even if you are to purchase their cheapest plan. Some of the best features of the Temok hosting service have been discussed below.

Affordable 800+ Domain Extensions

Many of us own more than 10 domain names but most of them registered from GoDaddy or any other registrar which provides first-year registration at $0.99 or similar price but as we already explained to you that why you should stay away from GoDaddy or such offers.

Temok Domain name Registration

Agree you get .com registration bellow $1 for the first year but you will be charged $15 or even more for renewal excluding additional services like Privacy Protection, Emails, etc, at TeMok you get domain registration at $6.99 per year and price will be same for renewals as well that means there is not shit marketing crap at all.

Cheap Hosting Plans

Temok’s hosting plans start as low as $2.99 per month for a 3-year plan and for this much money, you get 50 GB of disk space and unlimited bandwidth. The provider does not put any kind of limit on databases no matter which plans you choose. Moreover, all shared hosting plans come bundled with free cPanel installation, which is the best web panel to date.

Temok Starter Hosting Plan
Temok Premium Hosting plan
Temok Business Hosting Plan
Temok First Class Hosting Plan

All you hosting accounts come with latest PHP versions which allows you to choose accordingly from PHP 5.4 to 7.2 that’s not enough here you get Softaculas to install more than 400 scripts in just one click on your hosting account and even if you don’t have special programing knowledge Temok comes with RV website builder that allows you to design your website with simple drop-down options available in dashboard.

Cheapest SEO Hosting with 250+ IP addresses:

Bloggers understand the importance of SEO hosting and even if you are a serious business owner you must need to know about Search Engine Friendly web hosting services.

What is SEO Hosting and Why it’s important?

Its more than 2 years google consider as a unique website hosted on a dedicated c-class IP and it also allows you to hide identity from the search engines that these multiple sites belong to the 1 person. If you linking all your websites to each other hosted on same IP’s to get SEO benefits like backlinks and link juice to your site in this condition unique c-class will help which comes with SEO Hostings only but there are only selected hosting provider which allows you 256+ unique IP’s for your websites.

In final words about SEO, hosting think twice before hosting multiple domain names on the same shared hosting account, before search engine visibility brings your internet website to the next level and no one likes to get penalized by Google. In additional we advise you to install an SSL certificate on your blog or website to get more priority in search engines.

Linux Reseller Hosting USA and Netherland servers

With reseller web hosting you can start your own hosting company and make money by selling separate hosting accounts to your clients, we have seen some reseller based hosting companies making $1000 per month with a small investment

Even if you don’t want to sell hosting, reseller account will help you to manage own multiple websites on the same WHM (Web Host Manager) panel because with reseller access you can do something more like

  • Creating Accounts for Domains
  • Managing DNS of your domain
  • Custom name servers like
  • White Level hosting

Do more with VPS / Dedicated Hosting

We talk about Shared, SEO, and Reseller hosting and if you still not satisfied then I am sure VPS hosting might be the best choice for you, we already explained to you that why you should choose VPS hosting instead of traditional web hosting service for your website.

Temok provides a void range of fully managed Linux VPS (Virtual Private Servers) that comes with VPS accounts that have a control panel installed (cPanel or DirectAdmin).  VPS isn’t enough for your websites? well, you always have an option to upgrade to Dedicated servers from different locations: USA, Netherlands, Russia, France, Italy, Canada, Moldova.

Great Support

Customer service plays a very vital role when it comes to web hosting. Many times webmasters get stuck and feel the need of contacting the hosting provider for resolution. Temok is widely appreciated for giving the best customer support possible. They reply to tickets quite fast and do not hesitate to go to any lengths to help the customers. This is not something that I can say for many hosting providers.

Offers Many Other Services

Not only you can purchase hosting from Temok, but it is also a well-established domain registrar. You can choose from hundreds of TLDs. Well, I know trusting a new company can be hard while purchasing a domain. But thousands of customers cannot be wrong for giving great reviews. Before actually signing up for Temok, I did great research and on almost every consumer forum, I found positive reviews.

You can also purchase

  • Web Development Services
  • Web Design
  • Logo Design Services
  • Internet Marketing
  • SEO

Contact for VPS Hosting

TEMOK Black Friday Sale 2019

TEMOK brings you Black Friday Sale on almost all products and services with great features & customer support. TEMOK BLACK FRIDAY Sale Up To 80% OFF! Temok is providing promo codes to new customers! 10% Discount off VPS products and Shared Hosting. Temok is offering top-notch Web Hosting solutions since 2014. Temok’s Objective at Temok is to continuously give top-notch Linux Shared Hosting facilities at the finest price along with the maximum buyer satisfaction.

Final Words

Temok is the one-stop endpoint for those entire fiddly domain registering, transfer, hosting for your SSL certificates, CMS, and much more. Their servers not ever involvement downtime and maintained with the greatest care and too with an obtainability of over 800+ domain allowances and additional valuable options of logo designing, web development, etc.

Rajesh Chauhan

GoogieHost is one of the leading free web hosting provider on the internet over 300000 satisfied clients across the globe. We also offer Affordable SEO Web Hosting and Digital Marketing service to give give wings to your online business. Unlimited FREE HOSTING.

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