Study Abroad Programs in Monaco

Discover the world through the exciting lens of Study Abroad Programs in Monaco. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage and breathtaking beauty of this glamorous Mediterranean destination. Monaco provides an exceptional combination of outstanding academic opportunities and a lively social environment, making it the perfect destination for students in search of an unforgettable international experience.

Whether your interests lie in business, arts, sciences, or humanities, Monaco caters to all. Prepare yourself for a transformative journey and set off on an extraordinary adventure in the captivating principality of Monaco.

Why Monaco

Monaco is a sovereign city-state and microstate located on the French Riviera, with easy and quick access to countries like France and Italy. It is its own small country, actually the second smallest in the world and became more popular during the 19th century when railways were built.

Study Abroad Programs in Monaco

Seeing as it is surrounded by three sides of French land, it became a popular destination for the French. When word spread of its flawless and elegantly Mediterranean architecture, sandy white beaches and palm trees, the rest of Europe came to visit too. With the opening of the first casino that the country had ever seen, Monte Carlo, even more people flocked.

Back then the glitz and glamour surrounding Monte Carlo were one the most attractive reasons nobility came to visit, whereas nowadays those brick-and-mortar establishments have faded and the digital age of has gained traction. 

As a country spanning over only 200 hectares and known as a playground for the rich and famous, study life is still a popular avenue for students seeking to study in a safe and secure first-world country. Monaco is famous for being its own independent sovereign country and not formally being part of the EU (European Union), however, regarding customs and border control, they do form part of the EU policies. Therefore the rules are much the same around study visas – with valid passports, an entry letter to a University or study programme, a letter of recommendation, a show of funds and other necessary admin needing to be presented before a study visa is issued.

There are many different types of studies available in Monaco, students should pick the course, duration and establishment that speaks most to them. When it comes to housing, scholarships and the culture and life in Monaco, this is something that all students partake in, regardless of their study and it’s worth knowing what to expect before choosing Monaco as a final destination for studying abroad. This article aims to offer helpful insight to all kinds of students wishing to live their fullest student life in Monaco.

The International University of Monaco

Monaco is known as a country that places great value on its business focus. With one famous University located in Monaco, it is no surprise that it specializes in business and economics. The International Univerity of Monaco, often shortened by its students simply as IUM, is a prestigious option for any student looking to study abroad. The fact that it has the word ‘international’ in it is already a great sign for students who live elsewhere, as this University is designed to offer placements to international students. 

Founded in 1986, this is a relatively new University for Monaco. Usually, scholars of Monaco went to study in France or Italy upon the successful completion of their schooling journey. They would visit famous establishments such as the Sorbonne University, Université PSL or Paris Descartes University in France. These also often formed the bedrock for which international students looking to study abroad would visit and then only come and see Monaco for a day as a short trip. However, with the introduction of IUM, students looking to spend a few months or even years there while studying suddenly had the opportunity. 

The courses available at IUM are finance, marketing, sport, business management and international management. These courses are all taught in English. Speaking of languages, many students also come to Monaco to learn the beautiful language of French, in an area less busy and intimidating to other French-speaking countries, such as France.

There are many language schools based in this luxurious country that students can sign up for. The best part of this is that they can enrol at the level they are at, skipping beginner lessons that they know too much of the language for. Schools offer different levels of French, starting with A1 and A1, the beginner classes. Moving on to B1 and B2 which are for more intermediate levels and then C1 and C2 which is when the student should be reaching a fluent understanding of the language, both verbal and written. Practising in a French-speaking country can turn a B2 student into a C2 student in no time, due to the many opportunities to practice with native speakers. 

It is advised for students seeking to study abroad in Monaco to do their due diligence and research the courses they would like to enrol in well before the starting date. There are usually rather in-depth interview processes and application processes involved in being accepted for a course. Furthermore, any student looking to obtain a visa or scholarship must plan as these two processes can often take a large amount of time and require further documentation and a longer processing time frame.

What to Expect from Student Life In Monaco

As Monaco is a very expensive and luxurious place, it is natural that the student life there will be rather different to other countries. As it is a small country that encourages further education, the country has come together to offer housing platforms for students all over.

The citizens living in Monaco have thought of a clever plan to help students and also offer the students a more authentic experience by offering small rooms in their apartments or houses to students. This allows students to integrate themselves into a genuine Monegasque living experience. For students who are trying to learn French, this could be a great way to improve, as speaking to natives is often the fastest and most efficient way to improve.

For students who applied for IUM, they can take advantage of the housing facilities that they can sign up for through the University. There are designated student apartment complexes for those wishing to stay a short distance from the University.

For anyone with more funds, there is also the option of renting an apartment or room privately, however, trying to organize this from a distance without physical viewing can prove tricky. Students should try to avoid this option for their first year and rather do it in their second year once they have settled in, know the areas better and are physically present to go for viewings.

There are plenty of thrilling activities to enjoy apart from hitting the books. Monaco is famous for hosting the F1 Grand Prix annually, an electrifying event that takes place in the city. With numerous celebrities gracing the occasion and countless visitors eagerly anticipating the showdown between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, witnessing this spectacle is a must-have experience in your lifetime.

The yachting life and luxurious life may be a little more inaccessible to students, however, there is the option of hiring a small boat and seeing the city from the waters. With the crystal clear sea and the stunning architecture and landscape, it’s a worthwhile expense to see the city from the viewpoint of the sea for once.

Moreover, there is an abundance of alternative activities to explore. The city is dotted with numerous bakeries and restaurants, providing ample opportunities for culinary adventures. The cost of a coffee and a croissant is comparable to that of Paris, ensuring it won’t strain your finances. There are plenty of areas where you can go walking or running around the city and coastline, which is one of the few things you can do for free and therefore a popular activity for students.

Universities also offer cultural excursions for their students, for which you can sign up and see what is in store for you so that you can learn more about Monaco. Visiting the numerous museums and art galleries is a must while you are there. There are many harbours, parks and gardens that you can go visit. A clever idea for a group of students is to rent a sightseeing tour, whether it’s a bus or boat tour and have an expert guide you. This is a smart thing to do right at the beginning of your stay, as you will not only learn about the new country you are living in but also learn about the hidden gems by the expert tour guide and find places you would have probably not found on your own. 


It is clear to see that Monaco is a country that boasts many tantalizing and exciting opportunities for students. There is a great University to choose from and some exceptional other courses that students can look forward to. The hobbies and activities that surround the city, with its many parks, gardens, boats, ships and tours will keep even the most introverted student busy.

It’s a great place to study as it is safe and secure but of course, students are still advised toward caution and take care of themselves whilst there, just as they would when in their home country.


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    Study Abroad Programs in Monaco

    study abroad programs in monaco