The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Fitness Blog: Will it be worth in 2022?

Health needs obedience from the heart. Similarly, a little discipline while starting a fitness blog will make your day nutritious! 

If you are thinking about starting a fitness blog, then this guide is for you.

Driving all alone without supervision in a GYM may prove to be hazardous. Therefore, you always need a trainer to guide and motivate you.

So, let me motivate and guide you on how to start a fitness blog and make money

What is Fitness Blog? 

Starting a fitness blog girl jogging

A blog is a combination of writing elements on a specific topic. 

A blog becomes a fitness blog when you write focusing on fitness elements like how to train, how to do pushups, how to dos, fitness tips and tricks, living a healthy lifestyle, yoga, etc. 

What Should You Write About?

For starting a fitness blog, you should keep an eye on the following things: 

Nutrition Tips

Are you a meat-enhanced weightlifter or a vegan yogi? 

Starting a fitness blog yoga girl

For training the body and enhancing the mind, a person needs a proper diet.

Don’t you feel enthusiastic when someone asks about nutrition tips?
So why not write tips and tricks on the Blog! 

People seldom know about the actual nutritional facts, and most people come up with conflicting information. Hence, many people continuously lookout for real facts on blogs. 

You can Nutri-boost people with your unique tips like eating nuts, not drinking sugar drinks, avoiding junk food, drinking black coffee, getting enough sleep, etc.

Lifestyle & Wellness

Following a proper lifestyle is crucial, RIGHT? 

You can go for a campaign on the Blog or write content educating fitness enthusiasts about how good is sleep for mental and physical strength. 

starting a fitness blog girl eating balanced food

Also, telling how Nutri-eating at regular intervals can help them stay fit. What should they keep in mind after overworking or before starting to work? 

Sharing wisdom will only help them but also help you make a fanbase on the Internet. 

Workout & Training Advice

Starting a fitness blog workout man

From Amateurs to professionals, everyone wants the maximum out of the training.

You know that properly implementing the workout and training techniques is highly vital for the body’s success. 

For example, how much interval a person needs after doing 3 Sets of Pushups or Chinups? OR For how much time should a person hit the GYM? 

You will say – “It depends on some factors.” 

Why not write down such factorial advice on the Blog

Essential Tips for Starting a Fitness Blog

I am listing down some crucial tips below for starting a fitness blog:

  • Select a Micro Niche
  • Set your Fitness Blog Goals
  • Choose a fitness brand name. 
  • Choose a domain name and hosting. 
  • Install a WordPress Plugin 
  • Create original and unique content
  • Know how to monetise your Blog 

Select a Micro Niche

First, you should decide the area of your expertise. 

This is where you recognise your skillset area.

starting a food blog micro niche

For example, are you an expert in differentiating proteins or a balanced diet? OR Do you know how to name each exercise just by seeing them?

Sticking to a micro-niche will enhance you and your Blog towards a peak of traffic. 

Set Your Fitness Blog Goals

I know that setting a daily goal while jogging is necessary. Without it, you know that it would be easy to give up in the long run. 

Starting a fitness blog morning girl jogging 2

Similarly, setting the goal of your fitness blog is the smartest thing.

Here are 6 Factors for setting a fitness blog goal:

  • Creating good content
  • Filing the Blog with such content
  • Time spent while writing fitness blog posts
  • Improving, adjusting, and updating the content over time
  • Bringing the traffic on your site and creating a fanbase
  • Using fitness blog ideas

Choose a fitness brand name

The Third is selecting the fitness brand name associated with your micro-niche, fitness goals, and primary objective. 


The brand name tells about you to your client. Your client comes to know about your specialities and expertise. 

starting a fitness blog brand name

My tips regarding selecting your fitness brand name:

  • Use your brand name if you’re famous. Examples are Eric Cressy and Brett Contreras (They have self-titled famed blogs). 
  • Relate your brand name with your micro-niche 
  • If you are selling fitness tips, services, or products; you can name your blog after it.
  • For example – SkinnyToFit, GymProDays, etc.
  • Mix your name with the micro-niche; for instance – Muscle Tips by Rajesh, Kartar Singh Protein Wala, etc. 

Choose your domain and Hosting

I know that choosing a domain name and web hosting is not your area. You may be thinking to rely upon this on your friends, family or TV ads! 

So, let me make this easy for you.

A domain name is simply the address of your website on the Internet.


Web hosting is a service that lets you place your website on the Internet. 

These both are necessary for your blog (which is a website).

starting a fitness blog domain name

There are two options for hosting: 

  1. Self-Hosting
  2. Hosted Sites


It means that you buy a domain name and web hosting either individually or both from the same company.

Then you use a popular CMS (Content Management System) like to install a blog (which becomes a website).

Using self-hosting means building the whole house yourself.

In my opinion, for an inexperienced person on a budget, starting a fitness blog should adopt this.

Hosted Sites

These websites sell you the whole house on a payment.

Hosted Sites means you buy a website maker, make a website on the provider’s platform and launch it.

This option is for those who are inexperienced, have money and start a fitness blog. 

Choose a Domain Name

Its time to select your address. But what should it be?

It is easy and same as selecting a brand name. But, remember that a domain name affects the traffic and SEO of your Blog. 

Here is an article explaining 7 Tips for selecting the right domain name.

Also, remember the points mentioned while choosing the brand name for starting a fitness blog. 

In my opinion, you should a domain name from Dynadot.

dynadot screenshot by googiehost


Dynadot offers affordable pricing on domain names.

Here is a 14 Steps Easy Guide for you to buy a domain name from

Related: Do you know that there are ways to get a free .com domain?

Choose a reliable and affordable Web Hosting

It’s now time to select the material for building the house. (starting a fitness blog)

Note: The material should be reliable and affordable.

If you want free Hosting, then no one is better than the GoogieHost itself. 

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Fitness Blog: Will it be worth in 2022?

Here are the reasons Why GoogieHost is the best free web hosting.

If you want to purchase pocket-friendly web hosting, then you should go to 


Here are the reasons why you should purchase YouStable Web Hosting.

Install a WordPress Plugin

After choosing a domain name, the next step is to install the WordPress Plugin using your Control Panel.

What is the Control Panel? 

In web hosting, it is the command centre where you can manage everything related to your website.

WordPress Dashboard by GoogieHost
A typical WordPress Dashboard

How to Install WordPress?

  • Installing WordPress and a blog is not a challenging task. 
  • For every Web Hosting service, it is nearly the same. 
  • Here is how you can install the WordPress plugin.

Create original and unique content

After creating a WordPress Blog, the next step is to create original and unique content for starting a fitness blog.

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Fitness Blog: Will it be worth in 2022?

Here are some pro tips for producing good content: 

  1. Never copy and paste (plagiarise)
  2. Explore and improve your writing skills.
  3. Try to improve your English Grammer Skills.
  4. Meet new people and ask for their tips on the Blog. 
  5. Invite people to write on your Blog (For free or by paying) 

How to Monetise Your Fitness Blog 

After setting up the blog on WordPress, you should now to monetise it.

Monetize WordPress

Here are some tips:

  1. Invite advertisers
  2. Install Google AdSense
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Subscription Option
  5. Writing paid content

To know all these in detail, here is a guide explaining 5 Pro Tips on how you can monetise your Blog.

Are you wondering what to write on health and fitness in 2022? 

trending fit girl climbing

Here are some trending topics for starting a fitness blog in 2022:

  • Corona Fitness Strategy
  • How to exercise amid the pandemic?
  • High Standards for the GYMs
  • Connecting the GYM physique with a properly balanced diet 
  • Developing more excellent immunity against the diseases 
  • Connecting the mind and body
  • Yoga and its immune effects in 2022
  • Special Fitness Offers for Senior Citizens
  • Merging Sports and Fitness
  • Merging Online and Outdoor Gaming

People also ask (FAQ)

How do beginner bloggers make money?

Beginner Bloggers make money by following the below points: 
1. They write good content. 
2. They never copy and paste. 
3. They explore and stick to their niche. 
4. They select the right domain name and web hosting, like Dynadot and YouStable.
Here are 5 Pro Tips on how you can monetise your Blog.

How do I start a fitness blog?

For starting a fitness blog, follow the below points:
1. Select a micro-niche 
2. Set your fitness blog goals
3. Choose a brand name
4. Choose your domain name and Web Hosting. 
5. Install a WordPress Plugin 
6. Install the Blog through WordPress.
Click here to read this article from the start to know all these in detail.

Is it still profitable to start a Workout blog?

Yes, it is still profitable to start a fitness blog. 
Some people can earn as much as $7,500 per month!

How do you monetize a fitness blog?

Starting a Fitness Blog Will it worth in 2022?

The year 2022 is the year wherein nearly all the people will concentrate on the fitness program of their life. 

immune girl by googiehost


Yes, the answer is the pandemic COVID-19!

People have realised that to stay alive, they need to keep themselves fit, immune, and healthy.

Therefore, starting a fitness blog in 2022 is worth it and will prove to be successful if one has enough patience and passion.

If you liked this tutorial, then do give feedback down below.

There are multiple tutorials on GoogieHost for your help. You can read reviews on different web hosting companies.

Also, do not forget to visit Black Friday Deals 2022. Offers are raining right now!

Happy Fitness Blogging!


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